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Winter Holiday Sale!

Winter Holiday Special! Support a locally-run, woman-owned, plant-powered sustainable business in Mississippi this holiday season and give the gift of nourishment and wellness to yourself or loved ones! Simply check out our ordering page to see what’s in stock… I do realize that our ordering system is a little old-fashioned.  It is not the usual … Continue reading

The Apothecary is THREE Years Old!

I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. We are THREE years old this month! Happy Birthday Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary! It’s been a long road. A lot of digging. A lot of bark peeling. I lot of chopping. A lot of straining, formulating, bottling, and labeling. A lot of transition. A lot of … Continue reading

Winter Holiday Special!

Winter Holiday Special! Free shipping on all orders over $40! Give the gift of something hand-made, local, and health positive… In the spirit of the holiday season…and as a special gift to those of you far away that typically need to pay shipping…I’m offering this special from October 21st to December 21st! To order, simply … Continue reading