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Mimosa: If Happiness Was a Tree

I knew this was going to be my last article in the wonderful, local Mississippi magazine, Catfish Alley.  I’ve moved to Tennessee, so we knew we had to part ways…  However, I didn’t know that this was going to be Catfish Alley’s last issue. I’ve loved getting to know the publisher, Birney Imes and the … Continue reading

Poke: a Deep South Herb for Deep Work

The Spring 2017 issue of Catfish Alley is now available!  And, as usual, I submitted an article on a local plant that I like to use as medicine.  As you can already tell by now, the article was on poke or Phytolacca americana. A fun twist this quarter, is that my article on poke was … Continue reading

Sweet Gum Tree: The Warm Protector

Common Name:  Sweet gum Latin Name:  Liquidambar styraciflua Family:  Hamamelidaceae (Witch hazel family) Parts used:  green balls, leaves, bark, resin Tissue or system affinity:  lungs, throat, joints, immune system Taste:  aromatic, slightly bitter Energetics:  warming, slightly drying Actions:  anti-viral, expectorant, astringent, drawing Uses:  topically, the resin can be used to draw out infection; topically, the … Continue reading

Herbal Allies for Cold & Flu Season

Is it a cold or flu? similar in their manifestation and are both respiratory viruses colds tend to last a shorter amount of time & express mildly with runny nose, sore throat, a wet cough flus tend to last longer & have more severe symptoms (fever, sudden symptoms, body aches, chills) one can also get … Continue reading

Goldenrod: A Plant That Makes us Whole

The Fall Catfish Alley magazine is hot off the press ( and with that, my recent article on goldenrod.  And, perfect timing, because she will be blooming soon!  In this post, I’ve shared the original article that I submitted to the magazine.  Of course, they had to edit it a bit and tighten up the … Continue reading