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Peppermint: Cool Down & Perk Up

Common Name: Peppermint Latin name: Mentha peperita Family: Lamiaceae Parts used: leaves Tissue or system affinity: digestive system, nervous system Taste: pungent Energetics: cooling & drying Actions: mild analgesic, antinauseous, carminative, diaphoretic, digestive Uses: This herb is so commonly known and so legendary, that we know it is safe and effective (and a key herb … Continue reading

Yarrow: Herb of the Battlefield (or just an amazing first aid herb)

Common Name:  Yarrow Latin name:  Achillea millefolium Family:  Asteraceae Parts used:  leaves, flowers Tissue or system affinity:  skin, uterus, urinary tract, throat, mucous membranes Taste:  bitter, astringent Energetics:  cooling & drying Actions:  anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary, antiviral, diaphoretic, styptic, hemostatic, febrifuge, antibacterial, aromatic Uses:  One of the best first aid herbs I know of.  It will … Continue reading

Agrimony: Uncurling fists since the beginning of time

Common Name:  Agrimony Latin name:  Agrimonia eupatoria (pictured above); we also have two natives species, one I find often along trails…however, I haven’t worked with them medicinally yet as I cultivate A. eupatoria in my garden (A. parviflora and A. rostellata) Family:  Rosaceae Parts used:  leaves (collected before flowering), flowers (flower essence) Tissue or system … Continue reading

Black Walnut: The Fungal Fighter

Common Name:  Black walnut Latin Name:  Juglans nigra Family:  Juglandaceae (Walnut family) Parts used:  green hulls, nuts, leaves, bark Tissue or system affinity:  skin, intestines Taste:  bitter, astringent Energetics:  cooling, drying Actions:  vermifuge, astringent, anti-fungal, mild laxative Uses:  topically as tincture, salve or infused oil to get rid of skin yeast patches, skin fungus, ringworm; … Continue reading

Holy Basil: Clear Mind & Heart

Common Name:  Holy Basil (Tulsi) Latin Name:  Ocimum sanctum Family:  Lamiaceae (Mint family) Parts used:  all above ground Tissue or system affinity:  heart, brain, circulatory system Taste:  sweet, slightly bitter, aromatic Energetics:  cooling, drying Actions:  adaptogen, antibacterial, antiviral, carminative, hypotensive Uses:  internally as a tincture or tea; Ayurvedic herb from India used for centuries; lowers … Continue reading

Sweet Gum Tree: The Warm Protector

Common Name:  Sweet gum Latin Name:  Liquidambar styraciflua Family:  Hamamelidaceae (Witch hazel family) Parts used:  green balls, leaves, bark, resin Tissue or system affinity:  lungs, throat, joints, immune system Taste:  aromatic, slightly bitter Energetics:  warming, slightly drying Actions:  anti-viral, expectorant, astringent, drawing Uses:  topically, the resin can be used to draw out infection; topically, the … Continue reading