Going out of business SALE!

Going out of business sale! Stock up on hand-harvested, locally-made plant medicine for you and your loved ones! And, please feel free to share! Let me just say that it has been an exhilarating past 4 1/2 years with Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary. It was a time filled with dirt under my nails, scratches on … Continue reading

Kudzu: Pesky Invasive, Necessary Medicine

Grape kool-aid. Grape jelly. The intensely sweet smell of flowering kudzu is simply mind-blowing this time of year. Even though this plant (Pueria lobata) is a nasty invasive in the South…I think it’s important to find creative ways to collaborate with it. I mean, we have no choice at this point. And, I truly sense … Continue reading

Peach: there’s more to it than the fruit!

Common Name:  Peach tree Latin name:  Prunus persica Family:  Rosaceae Parts used:  fresh leaves, fully dried leaves (NOT wilted leaves) Tissue or system affinity:  digestive system, nervous system Taste:  Slightly sweet, aromatic Energetics:  cooling & moistening Actions:  relaxing nervine, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic Uses:  a traditional Southern Folk Medicine herb; use the fresh leaves topically as … Continue reading

Slowing Down at the Apothecary and the Art of Rest

As birth-time nears…I continue to find ways to simplify. At the apothecary, my calendar looked like this on any given month (I am still a paper planner person). Markets to go to. Workshops. Garden clubs to speak to. Tinctures to strain. Things I needed to formulate or make. A reminder to harvest something in the … Continue reading

One Day Tincture Sale!

ONE DAY TINCTURE SALE (wowzas)!  Sale ends 8/10 at 2 pm EST! Hand-harvested – Locally-made – Plant-positive Buy one 4 oz tincture and get one 2 oz tincture FREE! or Buy one 2 oz tincture and get one 1 oz tincture FREE! All tinctures on the ordering page are fair game except the ones listed … Continue reading

Plant Love & Interns’ Final Projects

Sniff, sniff… Just had the most wonderful call with the interns last night. It was our last call as I’m simplifying things to prepare for the birth of this little one. Two of them have worked with me directly at the apothecary. And, one was a friend and a satellite intern, of sorts. Normally, each … Continue reading

Milky Oats: the herb that soothes and coats

Common Name:  Oats Latin name:  Avena sativa Family:  Poaceae (Grass family) Parts used:  fresh milky green seed heads, dried stalk, dried seeds Tissue or system affinity:  nervous system, mucous membranes, skin Taste:  slightly sweet Energetics:  neutral & moistening Actions:  nervine, nutritive, mineralizer Uses:  Oats are really overlooked as an herb.  Milky oats (tincture of the … Continue reading