Mimosa: If Happiness Was a Tree

I knew this was going to be my last article in the wonderful, local Mississippi magazine, Catfish Alley.  I’ve moved to Tennessee, so we knew we had to part ways…  However, I didn’t know that this was going to be Catfish Alley’s last issue. I’ve loved getting to know the publisher, Birney Imes and the … Continue reading

Yarrow: Herb of the Battlefield (or just an amazing first aid herb)

Common Name:  Yarrow Latin name:  Achillea millefolium Family:  Asteraceae Parts used:  leaves, flowers Tissue or system affinity:  skin, uterus, urinary tract, throat, mucous membranes Taste:  bitter, astringent Energetics:  cooling & drying Actions:  anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary, antiviral, diaphoretic, styptic, hemostatic, febrifuge, antibacterial, aromatic Uses:  One of the best first aid herbs I know of.  It will … Continue reading

Agrimony: Uncurling fists since the beginning of time

Common Name:  Agrimony Latin name:  Agrimonia eupatoria (pictured above); we also have two natives species, one I find often along trails…however, I haven’t worked with them medicinally yet as I cultivate A. eupatoria in my garden (A. parviflora and A. rostellata) Family:  Rosaceae Parts used:  leaves (collected before flowering), flowers (flower essence) Tissue or system … Continue reading

We are FOUR years old!

No one really pats you on the back when you run your own small business.  Actually, no one really notices.  But, for those of you out there who have taken this path, you know the pit-falls, the monster doubts found in heckling you in your own head, and the web of decisions to make along the … Continue reading

Black Walnut: The Fungal Fighter

Common Name:  Black walnut Latin Name:  Juglans nigra Family:  Juglandaceae (Walnut family) Parts used:  green hulls, nuts, leaves, bark Tissue or system affinity:  skin, intestines Taste:  bitter, astringent Energetics:  cooling, drying Actions:  vermifuge, astringent, anti-fungal, mild laxative Uses:  topically as tincture, salve or infused oil to get rid of skin yeast patches, skin fungus, ringworm; … Continue reading

Poke: a Deep South Herb for Deep Work

The Spring 2017 issue of Catfish Alley is now available!  And, as usual, I submitted an article on a local plant that I like to use as medicine.  As you can already tell by now, the article was on poke or Phytolacca americana. A fun twist this quarter, is that my article on poke was … Continue reading