Shutting Down This Website

First of all, my apologies for shuffling some of you around!  I just closed my Facebook page for the apothecary not too long ago…and now I am shutting down this website!  Bear with me!

I also just deleted my personal Facebook page…so just note that you can’t contact me through messager anymore.

This is all an attempt to simplify my life for when the baby arrives (which is any day now)…

I have slowly been migrating articles over to my personal website, Madhupa Maypop.  I started this website years ago…the name is an alias I came up for my writings on herbalism and traditional food ways (among other things and matters of the soul).

If you wish, please go over to that website and add your email address (right-hand-side of the webpage) if you wish to get updates and blog posts.  I also have a page titled “herbs” with my herbal formulas and simple herbs.

Thank you for being on this journey with me and I hope to keep in touch!  As always, contact me at sweetgumsprings (at) gmail (dot) com if you need to communicate that way.


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