Mini-CSA: Fall/Winter Immune Box!

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Bear’s foot (left), Turkey Tail (top right), Smooth Sumac (bottom left)

The apothecary will not be offering a FULL Fall/Winter CSA this coming season.  Baby is on the way this Fall and our family needs to shift gears to prepare ourselves!

With that said, the apothecary *WILL* be offering a “mini-CSA.”  This will be ONE box that I send out in mid-September with herbal preparations for cold & flu season.  See below for more details!



It’s hard to believe that the apothecary has been offering CSA’s (Community Supported Apothecary), or seasonal monthly herb boxes, for about four years now!  We have faithfully run SEVEN CSA’s with about 30 members for the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons.

Each 5-month CSA “season” focuses on typical needs of that time of year.  For example, the Spring/Summer CSA has herbal preparations to cool and heal the skin (and internal mucous membranes), protect you from bug bites, support digestion, and build your first aid herbal medicine chest for the wear and tear of summertime.  The Fall/Winter CSA has preparations that warm and nourish the body, build the immune system, and fight viral or pathogen infections.

The mini-CSA that I am offering in September will focus on the immune system and helping your body support health tissues and cell function while warding off pathogens and viruses.

Here are the details:

Your September Immune Box will contain TWO 2 oz tinctures and TWO 1 oz tinctures.  You can select which two you want me to send you from the list below.  You can also just let me send you a surprise box with two of each, if you don’t want to select.


2 oz Tinctures (pick TWO):

Elder-Sumac Immune Elixir We’ve combined the amazing anti-viral properties of elder berries and flowers with the antiseptic properties of sumac berries for a an all-around cold & flu prevention formula.  The astringency of the sumac berries can help to deter infection, while elder berries and flowers keep viral cells from multiplying.  One of our tastiest formulas:  elder berries, sumac berries, glycerine, elder flowers, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Immuno-modulator Formula – Deeply restore cellular health with this potent, medicinal mushroom and adaptogenic blend.  This formula supports the innate immune system by building up base-line immune defenses.  The formula is also blood sugar balancing and helps regulate inflammation of the body.  The mushrooms in this formula are prepared by a double extraction method, which increases the medicinal potency of the preparation:  shitake, reishi, astragalus, organic sugar cane alcohol, spring water, and a touch of glycerine.

Flu Fighter – This formula will gently raise the body’s temperature (set point) to help you break fever as well as encourage sweating to release heat from the body as you fight the virus.  We formulated this preparation more for adults battling the flu, but you can lower the recommended dosage and use it for children (aged 8 and up) as well.  This formula is also packed with anti-viral power and will help you work through aches and chills:  sweet gum balls, st john’s wort, vervain, yarrow, and boneset, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Belly Beast and Yeast Tincture – We’ve combined our best herbs to remedy a yeast imbalance in the gut with effective herbs for dysbiosis (or imbalance of gut flora).  In this formula, there are some potent anti-microbial herbs that are safe and effective to use.  Take this tincture three times a day, between meals and take the following foods out of your diet for 21 days for better results:  sugar, alcohol, gluten (including corn), and dairy.  This formula is also very effective for waterborne illnesses as well as the stomach bug:  black walnut, monarda, yellow dock, prickly ash, plantain, and wood betony.


1 oz Tinctures (pick TWO):

Herbal Throat Spray – We’ve combined the throat-specific, anti-bacterial properties of Salvia officinalis (sage) with cooling and soothing herbs for sore throat relief!  If you’re experiencing a scratchy and irritated throat, herbs like licorice will coat and soothe while cooling things down.  Local honey has been added to the spray for its sweetness and ability to moisten dry conditions: sage, privet, tag alder, propolis, licorice, local honey, local spring water, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Respiratory Relief Tincture – If your flus or colds tend to linger, leaving phlegm and a rattling cough behind in its wake, this formula is for you.  This formula is also good for seasonal and pet allergies.  Open up the passages in the lungs to help move phlegm up and out with this elegant herbal formula.  Likewise, this formula is ideal for any respiratory infection:  plantain, pleurisy root, reishi, propolis, goldenrod, and lobelia, organic sugar cane alcohol.

ImmunoBooster Tincture – Bolster your immune system with one of our powerhouse herbal formulas.  This formula will stimulate the immune system as well as increase macrophage scavenging activity.  Other herbs in this formula are powerful anti-viral herbs.  Only use this formula around the time of infection or possible infection.  Also great for stomach bugs:  propolis, black walnut, prickly ash, echinacea, poke, and organic sugar cane alcohol.


The September Immune Box will include:
– an informative handout and reference on herbs for the immune system
– TWO 2 oz tinctures
– TWO 1 oz tinctures

The Immune Box is $70 (for people in the NE, SE, and MW) and $75 (for people out West).  Basically you are receiving $64 worth of herbal preparations plus shipping costs.

To sign up for the September Immune Box, please email me at with the herbal preparations you want in your box (or you can simply put, “you choose” in the body of your email if you want me to send you a surprise box).

I can only take 25 participants.  Once I reach 25 participants, I will send the group an email with payment information.  Payment will be due by September 1st.  ENJOY!


What people are saying about the CSA!

“I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this CSA with you. So very informative and a great way to break into the word of herbal medicine!”  ~ Kate in Baton Rouge, LA

“I can’t survive without your stuff, lol!  It’s kept me without shots and meds for a year and half now.” ~ Jamie in Louisville, MS

“The winter CSA is my favorite and it whole-heartedly supported us during our big season/year of transition last year.” ~ Cara in New York City, NY

“This months CSA arrived just in time to help me get through a digestive system stomach bug.  Yuck!  I appreciate and deeply respect your work.” ~ Kelley in Columbus, MS


2 thoughts on “Mini-CSA: Fall/Winter Immune Box!

  1. Lindsey,

    Can I still buy 2 jars of the Joint and Sprain Salve. I think it was Twentu something a jar for the big jar. I have always sent you a check. Will do the same if you can give me the Starkville, MS address and the amount of all.

    I am so happy about the baby.

    Please let me hear from you.

    Thanks, Margaret G. Harrison 601-479-1270

    P.O. Box 387 Collinsville, MS 39325

    On 5 July 2017 at 11:05, Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary wrote:

    > sweetgumsprings posted: ” Announcement! The apothecary will not be > offering a FULL Fall/Winter CSA this coming season. Baby is on the way > this Fall and our family needs to shift gears to prepare ourselves! With > that said, the apothecary WILL be offering a “mini-CSA.” This wi” >

    • Hi there Margaret! I will call you when I get back from an errand. I live in Chattanooga, TN now… I do have the Joint Salve in a smaller tin that is 2 oz. I will call you and get this off in the mail to you this week 😉

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