Tea-time: An Herbal Tea Blend Offer!

sweet gum tea 2

“Yes, that’s it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it’s always teatime.” 
~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

While supplies last (I won’t restock teas until after the pregnancy + many months, lol)! When you buy 2+ bags of our organic, herbal tea blends, each bag is $10!

Add $4 to your total order and we’ll send you a mesh tea strainer to fit on top of your mug (I’ve had mine for 10+ years and it’s my favorite way to prepare a cup of tea). Please add $6 for shipping to your order when placing it.

Check out what herbal tea blends we have in stock below!  Ordering details are at the top of our ordering page!

nourish bone broth(All tea blends are loose-leaf and in a 100% recycled fiber, sealable bag with a biodegradable celo window.) 

Nourish Bone Broth (3.35 oz) for $13 ~ Give your usual bone broth a boost with this nutrient-rich and immune supporting herbal blend.  You can use the broth by itself or add it to chicken or pork broth.  If you’ve never made a bone broth, I suggest you give it a try!  Only something goes comes from simmering things on the stove: calendula blossoms, nettle leaf, astragalus root, burdock root, shitake mushroom, chives, and seaweed.

AphrodiTea (3.25 oz) for $13 ~ Blended to honor the Greek goddess of love and compassion, this tea blend has berry and floral notes with a mild, earthy mint taste.  And as the name implies, this is *indeed* an aphrodesiac tea blend helping to nourish, relax, and enliven the body and mind:  elderberry, rosehips, damiana, alfalfa, lavender, nettles, hibiscus, fennel, and holy basil.

VitaliTea (3 oz) for $13 ~ Enliven the mind without the effects of caffeine with this herbal blend.  The peppermint-y pizzazz of this tea will help you relax and focus while nourishing your body and mind.  This is an apothecary classic that we’ve blended since day one:  peppermint, gingko, nettles, oatstraw, calendula, and eleuthero.

SereniTea (3 oz) for $13 ~ Cozy up with this herbal blend and unwind from the days events.  Nutrient-dense herbs infuse the blood with key nutrients for relaxation, namely magnesium and calcium while calming, floral notes expand the flavor.  A nourishing and nerve-supportive formula for the weary, you’ll want to add some honey and sip on this to easy body, mind and spirit:  nettles, oatstraw, rose, chamomile, lavender, and fennel.

Happy Trails Gut Tea (3.25 oz) for $13 ~ This soothing and cooling combination of herbs is sure to remedy the crankiest of guts.  We are experiencing an epidemic of irritated and inflamed digestive systems here in the US.  Herbs provide an effective (and tasty) way to decrease inflammation, tighten cell junctures in the intestinal lining, calm the nervous system, and provide easy-to-absorb nutrients:  linden, flax, marshmallow, oatstraw, rosehips, rose petals, red clover, and fennel seed.

Energizing Ease (3.5 oz) for $13 ~ This is another herbal tea blend to perk up the mind while soothing your nervous system; mints are the champions at relaxing your body while clearing up your mind.  A blend of plants from the mint family and a touch of green tea help ward off cloudy thinking.  Sip on this brew hot or cold:  peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary, sage, holy basil, nettles, and green tea.

happy trails blending

All herbal tea blends are hand-crafted and blended by yours truly… Pictured here is Happy Trails Gut Tea ~ ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “Tea-time: An Herbal Tea Blend Offer!

  1. Girl I finally know what I want 🙂

    Some guy tea and energy tea. And any other gut healing sort of stuff won’t hurt.

    Jeff is having gut issues and my girl parts hate me. :/

    ~ Jessie


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