Agrimony: Uncurling fists since the beginning of time


Agrimony flowering in the garden

Common Name:  Agrimony
Latin name:  Agrimonia eupatoria (pictured above); we also have two natives species, one I find often along trails…however, I haven’t worked with them medicinally yet as I cultivate A. eupatoria in my garden (A. parviflora and A. rostellata)
Family:  Rosaceae

Parts used:  leaves (collected before flowering), flowers (flower essence)
Tissue or system affinity:  Liver, Mucous membranes, Skin
Taste:  astringent Energetics:  drying, neutral
Actions:  anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary (heals wounds)

Uses:  In western medicine, Matthew Wood uses this herb for people who hold in their pain, for those who hold tension in the body; in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the herb is used to bring better blood flow to the liver if it is constricted by tension; since it is astringent and in the rose family, also great for diarrhea and for the healing of wounds (topically)

Side note:  The flower essence is used to help people who mask their pain behind a façade of cheerfulness


2 thoughts on “Agrimony: Uncurling fists since the beginning of time

  1. Lindsey-

    I am suffering with The pain from Frozen Shoulder. I received several pretty hard hits to my left side while photographing a high school football game in November and while the broken collar bone has healed and I can now move my once almost immovable shoulder the pain in my arm and shoulder is not quite unbearable but teeth clenching.

    Nighttime is the worst as I sleep on my left side as a habit but I cannot with this condition as the shoulder stiffens during the night and any movement during sleep is quit painful and, of course, awakens me immediately.

    Would the Agrimony help and if so how would I administer it? Would there be something else that might work better? Right now I’m using various essential oils with a modicum of relief and the doctor is telling me to expect two years of the type of discomfort I’ve been feeling. I’m also making and taking turmeric tincture three times a day along with yoga stretches and ice packs.

    Any advice you could give would be welcome.


    Karen Johansson Johansson Studio 1511 Old Vicksburg Rd Clinton, MS 39056 601.813.4099


    • Hi there Karen,

      Sorry to hear about all the pain you are in 😦 Sleep disruption is just the worst… For pain management at sleep-time, I would suggest taking a valerian tincture to help with sleep and help ease the pain. I would also take homeopathic arnica to help with any bruising and recovery of your injury. Finally, I would look into using topical St. John’s Wort (an infused oil) and rubbing that on your shoulder to help with any nerve pain from the injury.

      Hope that helps! Some Epsom salt baths, every now and then, would be good as well…

      Take care, Lindsay

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