I’m often asked, “what do you eat?”


The other day my intern asked me, “what do you eat?” It dawned on me that I’ve been asked this question many times. Lately, I’ve been asked by my gynecologist and a friend/OBGYN. So, I thought I’d post my lunch I had the other day (food items from Beaverdam Fresh Farms and Bountiful Harvest Farms).

Sweet potato “chips” dipped in alioli (garlic mayonnaise)
Black radishes simmered in lamb bone broth, ACV & butter
Smoked sausage
Beet kvass to sip

I try to eat what is in season and what I have in the kitchen. I am part of a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), so that dictates the majority of the veggies (and some fruits) that I eat. I actually like that as it challenges me to discover new foods and cooking techniques.

I tend to prepare food simply. I think it’s good to learn some basic cooking techniques that you can then apply to different foods. I’m not a big fan of recipes. But, I will use them at first, to get an understanding…and then adapt as I integrate them into my cooking ways.

And, I find that I rarely have to buy produce at the grocery store. I believe that local, farm-raised food is higher in nutrition, healthier for my gut microbes (I lightly rinse my veggies so that I keep some soil bacteria on there), and more vital (in terms of life-force).

A good herbalist will work on diet and l lifestyle as much as they are making suggestions about what herbs to take. This is a baseline understanding in traditional herbalism, that nutrition and diet are of utmost importance.

#feedthesoul #feedthesoil


2 thoughts on “I’m often asked, “what do you eat?”

  1. Where are you going? I would like to learn herbalism soon (when timing permits), and I was hoping to be able to learn from you if you would be willing to teach me. Thank you for all you do to promote the ‘science’ and culture of herbalism!

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