Mississippi Plant Medicine Course, Spring 2017

“Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books . . . ”
― George Washington Carver, George Washington Carver in His Own Words

*** UPDATE 1/10/2017 – We are almost full, with just a couple spots left.  Please email me at sweetgumsprings@gmail.com before registering.  Thanks! ***

So, it’s time! A lot of folks have been asking me for a more comprehensive herb program here in MS.  So, here we go…

The point of the training is to connect with the land, to sharpen your herbal medicine skills, to learn about plant energetics and constitution types, to learn about traditional food ways, and to leave the program feeling confident with using plant medicine for your personal and family needs.

The course will flow this way…

We will meet on the following THREE Sundays from 10:30am-1:30pm and 2pm-5pm. These Sundays are spaced 4 weeks apart (please bring a sack lunch!):

Sunday, March 5th – Introduce and Explore – Herbalists’ View of the Body and Disease, Tastes, Plant Energetics, Constitution-types, Herbal Actions, Basics of Materia Medica

Sunday, April 2nd – Connect and Nourish – Ecology, Basics of Botany, Doctrine of Signatures, Plant Walk, Nutritional food & herbs, Building & repairing herbs (Adaptogens & Tonics), Cleansing herbs

Sunday, April 30th – Prepare and Share – Plant Walk, Medicine-making, Class presentations (Materia Medica)

#1 The training will take place at Legion State Park in Louisville, MS. I grew up in this town and they take really good care of this park. The lodge will be the place that we meet and there are some good trails for us to walk and look at plants.

As well, for those of you driving from further away, you can stay at the old 1930s conservation corps cabins, tent camp, or bring an RV.

#2 The course is a total of THREE Sundays and it’s $75 per person, totaling $225.

A $75 deposit will be due by January 15th to reserve your spot. You can also pay in full at that time, if you wish. For those that wish to pay monthly, you would pay $75 at the March & April sessions with check or cash (the 3rd session would be already paid for).

If you are interested in this course, please email me at sweetgumsprings@gmail.com and tell me a little about yourself.  I will then send you registration info!

And, feel free to check out the Facebook event post as well.



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