Do Your Body Good

robin w

Watercolor by MS artist, Robin Whitfield ~

Over the past few years, since beginning to do client intakes, I am shocked at the level of adrenal insufficiency/chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, auto-immune issues and nutrient deficiencies that I see in people (mostly women). It is clear to me that our lives are stressed to the max, that we have forgotten how to nourish ourselves and this beautiful land, and that culture is not working for a vast majority of people.
Truly, no herb can fix that.
And, I feel that we are placing a heavy burden on the plant world to remedy a dysfunctional society. While more and more awareness is growing about using herbs and herbal medicine…more and more plants become threatened or endangered. And then, herculean efforts mount to protect said plant.
As well, on a positive note…because of the grassroots movement of herbal medicine, people are beginning to see that our medicine does indeed grow around us. And, if we want to have access to this powerful, anti-inflammatory, flavonoid-rich medicine…we have to protect and diversify our ecosystems. We *have* to. Thankfully, herbal medicine is the perfect lens in which to see that we have a deep and rich relationship with plants…
Considering that most health imbalances are due to immune system dysregulation and systemic inflammation, plant medicine has a great role to play in helping people recover. Keep getting plants in your body and you will see amazing things happen. Most of what you need is right outside your door, too.
My advice is and will always be…de-stress your life as much as you are able. We need *a lot* more nutritional input when we are stressed. So, de-stressing…bit by bit…over time…will create a blueprint for better cell function, DNA function, and digestive function (which means better quality of life and mental health)…and it will put less strain on the plant (and animal) world.
Nourish yourself with a nutrient-dense diet. Real food changes your life! Teach yourself, your friends and family…how to cook again. Get together and cook…get to together and share food. Growing food, making food, and sharing food are all sacred acts. Find ways to nourish yourself with traditional food ways! (Depending on genetic mutations or epigenetic markers, some of us need to take supplements or even nutritional injections to have a good base-line of nutrition.)
Move. Move it or lose it! Try a 30 min exercise program 3 times a week. Work your way up to 5 times a week. Go easy on yourself. The most important thing is to move your body so that you encourage lymph function (which needs either manual pressure or musculo-skeletal pressure to move). Play, sweat, and laugh at yourself! Get a buddy to exercise with you and hold each other accountable.
Sleep. Find a sleep routine that is positive for you. They say we can set a new sleep pattern in 4-5 days. Get into a good sleep routine. If you are having trouble sleeping, increase your nutrition…de-stress…try an herbal formula for sleep. Try different ones until you find one that works…and then, you won’t need it anymore once your body acclimates to your sleep pattern.
And, importantly!, let’s all work toward designing a world that works for more people. …A world that values and protects clean air, water, and soil. …A world that values and protects ecosystems and watersheds. …A world were everyone has a chance to reveal and share their gifts ❤

One thought on “Do Your Body Good

  1. Hi Lindsay and friends! Jason here, from Asheville/Starkville. I agree with everything you said in this post. We all have an opportunity and responsibility to co-create that more whole-istic world, step by step, using our unique talents and both sides of these big, beautiful brains we have.

    I would also offer that while the specific issues that you pointed out in the opening paragraph are indeed modern, widespread, and on the rise, my research has opened my eyes to an abundance of information which points to a cause other than our often toxic modern lifestyles.

    I’ll try a link here for anyone interested, but I’m not very tech savvy so you may have to write it down and type in your favorite search engine, or something. Namaste y’all 🙏

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