Seasonal Preps to Your Doorstep ~ Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) ~ October 2016 to February 2017

chaga cheater chai and mug

One of the CSA members sent me this picture of him sipping on his Cheater Chai from the last Fall/Winter CSA ~ yum.

Welcome to our SIXTH Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) program.  This program has been a game-changer for me in how I relate to my apothecary customers and stewards.  Based on the feedback I get from folks, the CSA has them:  look at their health differently, look at plants with new eyes, realize how plant medicine can be integrated into their daily lives, and become more attuned to what is going on with the seasons and how that relates to and impacts their health.

This is great news.  A small, yet hearty, planty revolution (smile).


Freshly harvested plants to make a salve or balm for fibrocystic, lumpy or painful breasts ~ violet blossoms, violet leaves, red cedar, and calendula blossoms

Considering the inherent chemical composition of plants, that they are all, to some degree, anti-inflammatory…I can’t find a better reason to get more herbs and plants into your system when so many health issues are due to systemic inflammation.  In the CSA, I send you a variety of preparations, to keep healthy, vital plant medicine flowing through your body.

So, for those of that you that don’t already know, let me explain the CSA program.  Basically, I’ve taken the local foods term “CSA” (which means Community Supported Agriculture where you normally get a weekly box of veggies) and given it an herbal spin!

In our 5-month CSA (Community Supported Apothecary) program, you’ll receive one box (or bag) a month of seasonally-appropriate, herbal preparations either in the mail, to pick-up in Starkville at Boardtown Gardens & More, or to pick-up at Beaverdam Fresh Farms drop-off locations (Jackson, Columbus, Meridian, and Oxford).

You will receive a brief yet juicy newsletter with information about the particular seasonal cycle we are in, as well as details about the local, herbal preparations I’ve made for you.  Over the years, members have commented on how they enjoyed my writing style and how it helped them connect with the land they live on and the plants growing around them.


A sample of what CSA participants received last December in the Fall/Winter CSA ~ cold sore lip care, hibiscus fire cider, winter warmth tea blend, and deep south dreams bioregional incense with charcoals to burn the incense

How does it work?  Our CSA members prepay for the 5-month program at least one month before the CSA begins (in this case, by September 1st or it could be earlier as spaces may fill up).  Then, you go about your life and these small gift bundles come to you throughout the Fall/Winter seasons.  Participants have told me it’s like having a birthday for 5 months.

Typically, the Spring/Summer months focus on cooling you down, refreshing you, supporting the liver & lymph, and stocking your first aid.  The Fall/Winter months focus on warming you up, supporting circulation, nourishing the kidneys & adrenals, building immune function, and preparing you for cold & flu season.

Here’s a sample of some of the herbal preparations we have sent out in the past for the

nourish broth

Nourish Bone Broth ~ another picture sent to me from a CSA participant

Fall/Winter months:

Cheater Chai Honey Paste
Winter Warmth Tea Blend
Flu Fighter Formula
Elder-Sumac Elixir
Evergreen Body Rub
Autumnal Oxymel
Pine Pitch Tallow Salve
Cold Sore Care Lip Balm
Nourish Bone Broth Blend
Deep Immunity Formula
Herbal Cacao Elixir (you heard that right)
Anti-fungal Skin Salve
…and more!

Here’s the basic info for our 5-month program (October 2016 to February 2017):

– you will receive $40 worth of seasonally appropriate, herbal preparations (we are known for lagniappe, as well)
– you will be sent a newsletter describing each preparation, their seasonal relevance, and information high-lighting the herbs I used

The cost is $250 (if items are shipped) and $225 (if items are picked up in Starkville at Boardtown Gardens & More OR at Beaverdam Fresh Farms drop-offs in Jackson, Columbus, Meridian, or Oxford).  This includes taxes and shipping.

It is best that I am paid in one lump sum as it can be difficult for me to track monthly payments.  However, if you are not able to pay this way, we can make arrangements for monthly payments.

PLEASE NOTE *** Because farmer’s markets (this would effect Beaverdam Fresh Farms drop-off dates) aren’t as regular in the winter months, I do encourage people to select the shipping option for the Fall/Winter CSA unless you plan to pick-up in Starkville, MS ***

I only have the capacity for 35 participants.  To reserve your spot, please email me at  When we hit 35 participants, I will send out a group email with payment information and a couple, short housekeeping questions.  At that point, payment will be due by September 1st.  Thanks!

Wood Betony 003

Wood betony (Stachys officinalis) leaves gathered from the garden for our Belly Beast & Yeast Tincture.

Testimonials from previous CSA participants:

“I have enjoyed herbal medicines for years but now the CSA has really allowed me to get up close and personal with the plants in a way that I never thought possible. It was so exciting to open each package and find out what was in the box! It amazed me that each time the box was filled with preparations that I needed exactly at that moment. It was a perfect fit. I also loved the information sheet and referred back to it many times. Thank you Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary!”
~ Brandy in Atlanta, GA

“Your products have totally changed how my family prevents illnesses and recovers from them! My 3 little ones have unfortunately had a mix of flu, strep & mono this summer. Sounds awful, right? I used several of your preparations for flu/strep and their symptoms were short lived! My 6 year old has mono and I am thankful to have the Liver & Lymph support and deep immunity! I feel well equipped in supporting our immune symptoms and treating illnesses with natural remedies.”
~ April in Jackson, MS

“I have truly enjoyed my membership to the Sweet Gum Springs Fall/Winter CSA. The perfectly timed herbs have been an amazing way to keep my family healthy through the season’s changes.”
~ Ingrid in New Orleans, LA

We have enjoyed both offerings of the Herbal CSA and have learned a great deal over the past couple of years about herbs and tinctures because of their helpful explanations and directions. I think what I like most is that each month they supply you with a product that is useful to the season you in or are entering into. Bug spray in the summer months, cold and flu tea and tinctures in the colder months as a way for you build your medicine cabinet. We are really thankful for SGSA and the CSA.
~ Christina in Starkville, MS

Being involved with the Herbal CSA Program has been fun, education, and enlightening.  Receiving the package each month has been a real treat and knowing that each item was chosen for a reason – mainly seasonal.  The most important thing is that each item is so good for you and your health! ”
~ Melody in Oxford, MS

I have been very pleased with the monthly shares. The offerings help me focus on my surroundings as the seasons change, allowing me to see plants in another light than I have in my previous education.
~ Evan in Starkville, MS


11 thoughts on “Seasonal Preps to Your Doorstep ~ Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) ~ October 2016 to February 2017

  1. Sign me up, too. This sounds awesome! Looking forward to participating. And I’ll pick mine up at Boardtown in Starkville.

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