Restoring Digestive Health

A post I just put together on my personal site about Restoring Digestive health. The contents of this post are from the intensive I just gave in Asheville, NC on this topic ~ enjoy!

Madhupa Maypop

Fall harvest mandala Late summer harvest mandala

“All diseases begin in the gut.” ~ Hippocrates

I just taught an intensive in Asheville, NC for the Organic Grower’s School on Restoring Digestive Health and it got all kinds of juices flowing on this topic (smile).  Distant memories from my psycho-spiritual break-down (and break-through) re-emerged and reminded me how far I had come.  Truly, if it weren’t for falling apart, I wouldn’t have known how to put myself back together again.

In 2000, I had an onslaught of hyperthyroid symptoms (arrhythmia, racing heart, weight loss, and other hyper-metabolic issues), a self-diagnosed thyroid storm, psychosis, depression, dizzy spells, strange gastric complaints, tingling sensations in parts of the face and fingertips, paranoia, and intrusive thoughts…I decided not to reveal to anyone what was really going on inside for fear of being misunderstood by the medical or mental health community.  However, I actually did talk to a couple…

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