Phyllis D Light & Herbal Immune Support for the Winter Months

Boneset flowering

Boneset flowering

I’m excited to be hosting 4th-generation herbalist and healer, Phyllis D Light, once again here in Mississippi.  This time I will be hosting her in Columbus, MS for a workshop on Herbal Immune Support for the Winter Months.

Phyllis is one of the few remaining practitioners of Southern Folk Medicine, America’s only surviving medical tradition that weaves European, African, and Native American assessment tools, healing methods, and herbs.   I have often referred to Phyllis as a living Smithsonian museum for Southern Folk Medicine.  You can read more about her work here.

Not only does she draw on Southern Folk traditions for her knowledge base, she draws on modern medicine as well.  With a clinical background in herbalism and regularly collaborating with western doctors, she marries the best of traditional medicine and modern science.

When => Wed, Sept 23rd from 5-7:30 pm
Where => WHEREhouse in Columbus, MS (309 Main Street, Columbus, MS 39701)
Cost => $35
More info => facebook event listing

If you want to shift your personal or family’s approach to winter-time care, this is a great class to attend.  Phyllis will cover the basics of the immune system as well as herbs, herbal preparations, and Southern Folk methods of navigating cold & flu season.

To register => Send $35 via paypal to using this link => please make sure to note Phyllis D Light


Send a check to Lindsay Wilson:

Lindsay Wilson
318 Central Ave
Starkville, MS 39759


6 thoughts on “Phyllis D Light & Herbal Immune Support for the Winter Months

  1. I am very interested and hopefully it will work for me to attend. When is it? Maybe I missed that but saw the time but not the date.

    109 Crescent Cove Columbus, MS 39705 662-251-9385

    Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 23:45:39 +0000 To:

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