Milky Oats and Nerve Nourishment

Green, milky oats oozing with latex

Green, milky oats oozing with latex

Green, milky oat-tops (Avena sativa) ~ one of the best trophoresterotives (yes, feel free to just say restorative) for the nervous system. Western Herbalists are all over this stuff this time of year as it comes in from farmers who do a late winter/spring cover crop of oats.

Milky oats sooth, calm, restore, and provide nutrition for frazzled and over-stimulated nerve cells. Oats, already a food-stuff/herb utilized by the temperate world for hundreds of years, has always been known to sooth and nourish a depleted system.

Herbalist Kiva Rose defines a trophorestorative as “…an herb, food or other substance that acts as a nutritive restorative for the body, usually with a strong affinity for an organ or organ system and corrects deficiency and weakness not simply through temporary stimulation but through the vital nourishment of that organ or organ system.”

Currently, milky oats are in our Women’s Restore Formula at Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary. I also formulate with them a lot for individualized formulas.


3 thoughts on “Milky Oats and Nerve Nourishment

    • Good question Pattie, and I was hoping someone would ask that! Oatstraw is the dry husk of the seed (as well as stalk). It is *very* rich in magnesium and also in calcium. However, nettles has more calcium and less magnesium than oatstraw (hence, why they are good to mix in nourishing infusions).

      Milky oat tops, on the other hand…are used fresh…when the latex is oozing. This is the part of the plant that is deeply nourishing and rebuilding to the nervous system.

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