Dietary Suggestions and Herbs for Type II Diabetes

A blog post I wrote on my personal website that I wanted to share here!

Madhupa Maypop

Spring herb harvest... Spring herb harvest…

Dietary habits and plant medicine can offer a wealth of support for those diagnosed with type II diabetes. There are a number of herbs that are viewed as “blood sugar balancers” as well as some herbs that behave like insulin, taking glucose and moving it into the body’s cells. Some of the herbs I will write about in this article are still being researched, but let’s be mindful that they already have rich traditional use and application here and in their countries of origin.

With many health disorders, balancing blood sugar levels can play a crucial role in stabilizing health and the systems of the body. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced American society, simple things like regular meals made with whole foods fall to the wayside due to work or school. However, the first step to normalizing blood sugar *is* to have regular meals with a light snack…

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