Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) ~ April to August 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are now onto our THIRD Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) program!  Thank you to all who have participated in the past and we look forward to *meeting* new participants!

What is a Community Supported Apothecary?  Basically, we’ve taken the term CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and given it a new spin!  In our CSA, you’ll receive seasonally-appropriate, herbal preparations in the mail or you can pick-up at certain MS farmer’s markets.

Our CSA members prepay for the 5-month program at least one month before the CSA begins.  Each month you’ll receive your herbal preparations along with a newsletter high-lighting certain herbs and their uses as well as describing how to use the preparations we send you!

Check out this link to get an idea of what we have offered participants in the past.  We typically send out preparations that make sense for the season that we are in.  Here’s a sample of some of the herbal preparations we sent out last Spring/Summer:

Bugs Be-Gone Herbal Spray
Lymph and Liver Lovin’ Tincture
Just Peachy Glycerite
Anti-fungal Skin Salve
The Balm: First Aid Skin salve
Summer Sippin’ Herbal Tea Blend
Queen of Hungary Water Facial Toner
Summer Cordial Infused Herbal Wine
Nighty Night Tincture
…and more!

We harvest mostly wild plants from Mississippi as well as some cultivated plants from our garden.  We do sometimes supplement with organic suppliers in our network of herbalists and plant lovers.

Also, we have some changes in store for this next program.  Our newsletter will be printed and sent to you in your bag or box instead of via email.  Each herbal preparation will have a short list of common uses listed on the label.  We have updated our labels to make them *much* easier to read, as well.

Here’s the basic info for our 5-month program (April to August 2015):

– you will receive $40 worth of seasonally appropriate, herbal preparations (we are known for lagniappe, as well)
– you will be sent a newsletter describing each preparation and high-lighting the herbal allies we used

The cost is $250 (if items are shipped) and $225 (if items are picked up in Starkville, Columbus, Meridian, Oxford, or Jackson via Beaverdam Farms drop-off).  It is best that we are paid in one lump sum as it can be difficult for us to track monthly payments.  However, if you are not able to pay this way, we can make arrangements for monthly payments.

Payment must be received by March 1st!

We have slowly been increasing the size of our CSA program and have the capacity for 30 members now!  Please email us at to let us know you are interested in Wood Betony 003participating.  We will send out an email with payment information and a few questions to answer once we reach the 30 participant mark.

Finally, our CSA program runs in two 5-month chunks:  April to August and October to February.  Many of our members participate in both programs!  Members who have participated in previous programs get priority over new members.

Testimonials from previous CSA’s:

We have enjoyed both offerings of the Herbal CSA and have learned a great deal over the past year+ about herbs and tinctures because of their helpful explanations and directions. I think what I like most is that each month they supply you with a product that is useful to the season you in or are entering into. Bug spray in the summer months, cold and flu tea and tinctures in the colder months as a way for you build your medicine cabinet. They are not handing off their products that have not sold or are just sitting on the shelf; the CSA products are relevant to that month and therefore, to us. We are really thankful for SGSA and the CSA. I encourage you to become a part of it!” ~ Christina Lucas, Realtor, MS

If you are thinking- should I join the CSA? My answer – you should!  The CSA has allowed me to experience the wonder of herbs and it’s healing properties in ways that I would not have in any other form. What a fun learning experience that keeps on teaching.” ~ Ceil Bunyard, MS

I have been very pleased with the monthly shares. The information that is emailed every month with the share about the months preparations is fantastic. It explains what the offerings are, and how they can be used to improve our life. The emailed newsletter filled with information means that I can go back and reference the plants used, and why they were selected. The offerings also help me focus on my surroundings as the seasons change, allowing me to see plants in another light than I have in my previous education.” ~ Evan O’Donnell, Teacher, MS


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  1. any chance We could invite you guys over to visit us over to Eupora and our school house in Springhill ?this week ; dinner or lunch or afternoon tea depending on schedule ?…..Bon Noel and Happy New beginings for Sweeet gum apothocary !!!! xoxoMichael

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