Nourishing Our Bodies, Deep Restoration

Dandelion (Taraxacum offinicale) ~ wonderful nourishment and support for liver function

Dandelion (Taraxacum offinicale) ~ wonderful nourishment and support for liver function

I’ll have to say that I have never been a fan of cleanses. The severe fasts and the intense actions of certain herbs used in popular cleanse programs can really be invasive to the body’s natural rhythms.

Considering the toxic load that we each carry in this world (which is a lot with the advent of man-made chemicals) ~ cleanses can be very harmful to the body. Basically, if we cleanse the body too fast or drop weight too fast…we can over-burden the liver (in dealing with toxic substances that are meant to be excreted through that pathway). And, to give you an idea of the man-made chemical slurry we have created for ourselves in the US, in 2005 we manufactured or imported 74 BILLION POUNDS OF CHEMICALS A DAY (at this point, this number increases every year).

Considering that most toxins are stored in the fat (when the body is not able to properly dispose of them)…it is wise to simply nourish the body and support the body’s natural faculties of cleansing (which happen at a more methodical pace) than pushing it.  The most powerful “cleanses” I have witnessed (in myself and in others) is by simply taking inflammatory and harmful processed foods out the diet and eating foods close to the source. ***Choosing foods low in toxins in the first place will give the body an upper-hand in a rather toxic world.***

While we do make a formula at the apothecary called “Liver and Lymph Lovin'” for liver and lymph support, the herbs in this formula are not the traditional cleansing herbs normally packaged in “herbal cleanses” on the market (they normally contain harsh digestive stimulants like senna, for example). The herbs in our formula are technically called alterative herbs which support the cells and tissues of a particular system in “waste out, nutrition in”. So, in that sense, they have an affinity to support cell function in a particular organ system or tissue. They are not cleansing as much as they are supporting and enhancing cell function.

Do you still really want to do a cleanse?  Well, there is a wholesome solution which I have used myself.  This article talks about the role of bone broths in “nourishing cleanses.” Bone broths are rich in gelatin…which contains proline and glycine, amino acids that support liver detoxification. Although the body creates these amino acids already, gelatin-rich bone broths can supply more, and thus offer a “nourishing cleanse”. Some of my favorite bone broths to make are turkey, pork, chicken, and beef (some people like to roast beef bones first to give it a better flavor and smell).

Along with bone broths, I would suggest nourishing alterative herbs like nettles (infusion of leaves), dandelion (tincture of root, tea of leaves), cleavers (tincture), or burdock (decoction of roots).

Nourish and flourish!


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