Eastern Red Cedar: Deep Tree Medicine

I shared my experiences with Eastern Red Cedar on my personal website and wanted to share them here as well. Such deep medicine for us to bring into our lives. The hustle and bustle of modern life can take us far from “home.” Red Cedar is just the medicine to show us the way back.

Madhupa Maypop

Easter Red Cedar ~ old print Easter Red Cedar ~ old print

I have to pay homage to this amazing plant ally, especially after its generous gift to me after a recent and intense car accident.  Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) is quite prolific in Mississippi, where I live.  It is a common and vigorous pioneer species, found along roadsides and also in deforested areas.  It is one of the early succession trees when a forest has been cleared or land has been greatly disturbed.  With this in mind, some initial clues to the nature of red cedar’s medicine is revealed.

In certain areas of Mississippi, especially central MS, this tree is almost weed-like it is so common.  Considering its presence and over-abundance, really, I feel that this is a sign use this plant and to be in relationship with it.  It’s almost like it is shouting at us saying, “Hey!  Right here!  I’m…

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