Enter to WIN!

You could win one of two cold & flu gift bundles!

You could win one of two cold & flu gift bundles!

ENTER TO WIN one of two cold & flu gift bundles! All to support Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary in purchasing some necessary tools & items to keep us moving along! Drawing will be Dec 1st!

We have *already* received the printer we needed from a community member today ~ thank you! The rest of the items that we are raising funds for are listed at the end of this post.

Enter to win one of these gift bundles:

cold & flu gift bundle #1 ~ Elderberry-Sumac Anti-viral Elixir (4 oz), The Balm: First Aid Salve (1 oz), and ImmunoBooster (1 oz – to stimulate the immune system) ~ valued at $56

cold & flu gift bundle #2 ~ Elderflower cold & flu tea & tea strainer (2.5 oz), Sage-privet Tincture (1 oz – for flu symptoms that start in the throat), and Flu Fighter Tincture (2 oz) ~ valued at $51


$10 for 5 tickets
$20 for 10 tickets

*** donations are welcome***

We will write out the names of each person on each ticket and enter them into a bowl to draw from. Please make sure your name and contact info are correct on your paypal account.

1. Go to our website ~ https://sweetgumapoth.com/
2. Click on the ‘buy now’ button
3. Enter description ~ Sweet Gum Raffle
4. Item price ~ $10 or $20 or donation
5. Log-in via paypal to complete entry/order

Please SHARE with others ~ Thank you!

Some of the items we would like to purchase for the apothecary (some items on this list are priority and some items are wish list items):

Shovel $25
Pitchfork $25
Tincture Press $800
2 Large Mixing Bowls $30
2 Wild-crafting Knives $100
1 Wheelbarrow $80
1 Pruning Shears $25
1 Hedge Shears $40
Assorted maceration jars $100
Drying rack $250
Raised garden beds/soil $400
Seeds $50
Prep station in kitchen $500
Small storage shed $250
Outdoor prep station/sink $350
VitaMix $400
Juicer (manual) $105

Total Amount $3530


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