Big Changes around the Apothecary


artwork by: Lilly Allison

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”

Many of you may know that my family is expecting our 3rd little angel to be born earthside this coming Spring. With this news, my husband and I began shifting a lot of things in our lives. Our priority has always been on maximizing the amount of time we spend together as a family doing the things we love. That is a hard task with my husband running his own small business in addition to working a 2nd job as well as my work in co-owning the apothecary and teaching. The success of our Apothecary speaks loudly to my and Lindsay’s work as well as a shift in our communities towards more sustainable health and wellness. I’m in constant amazement at how well supported we have been over the last 20 months, but with that came full-time work. It’s work that I love, live and breathe, but many of my personal priorities have been put on the back burner.

We homeschool and live very much a natural family life. With those lifestyle choices, comes work that needs time and attention.  We chose this lifestyle (or it chose us!) well over a decade ago and it wasn’t because it was trendy. Back then, we often felt as though we were very much the oddballs out in Mississippi. We deeply committed to this path because we knew it was not only right for us, but also for the health of our family and environment. When I find myself without the time to prioritize those things and notice time being taken away from my amazing little family, I know I need to take a step back. Adding in another precious human to our family and the decision became crystal clear, I needed to step away from my work with the Apothecary.

This decision did not come easily for either myself or Lindsay; however, after talking it through, we each knew it was clear that this was the right choice. Within a week of making this final decision, my husband was offered a new, exciting job (singular!) that he is enjoying immensely. That felt like a giant bear hug from the Universe in support of our family and further affirmation this decision was the right one. My last big event will be this coming weekend at the lovely Mahabhuta Yoga Festival in Pensacola. I couldn’t think of a better final send-off than this yoga-fest! I will still continue to work on our Herbal CSA for this winter season and will also still step in to co-lead workshops and events to help out as needed. The Apothecary will live on under Lindsay’s guidance with the assistance of her partner Phillip Kendall, who brings his own set of wisdom and ideas.

With this new space in my life, my work will be focused more on what I love doing…teaching and sharing my knowledge! I found that teaching was also put a bit more on the sidelines as work with markets and festivals consumed more of my time. A new website is in the works for my personal offerings wherein I will share insights into our life, recipes, how-to’s and share info on any upcoming classes and events. My focus has always been on sharing what I’ve learned with others, so that they may empower themselves and their families with this sustainable, accessible and abundant relationship with plants to sustain wellness and vitality. Working within the context of the Apothecary allowed me to see more intimately how this can change someone so immensely and for that, I am extremely grateful.

My life is FULL and I’m so in love with every moment of it. My family and our lives together fills my heart with such overwhelming joy that the thought of sacrificing so much of it, was truly burdening me. The balance of family and work can absolutely be present and I am so grateful for the space to explore my own path in doing just that. Thank YOU, community, for supporting this creation of HERBiculture in Mississippi and I look forward to continuing my part in growing it more!


Locally, you can find me teaching a kids’ yoga class at Firefly Studio in Starkville. Coming up over the next few months at the MS Modern Homestead Center, I will be teaching an online class for cold & flu season, teaching at the annual Women’s Wellness Retreat in January as well as leading 2 amazing weekend-long retreats. In February, I will lead the retreat on Natural Family Living which includes Family Herbalism 101, Natural Personal Care, Natural Cleaners, Stocking Your Natural Medicine Cabinet and Food as Medicine (incorporating herbs into your daily life via food via family-approved recipes!). In March, Lindsay and I will co-lead the herbalism intensive retreat that the Homestead is hosting. I will be taking time off “officially” after that for a bit preparing for our homebirth and then, resting afterwards. Look for my Nature Kids classes and summer camps to return to the homestead as well in the months after that! Stay tuned for my new website, but until then you can look me up on facebook or email me:


6 thoughts on “Big Changes around the Apothecary

  1. These types of decisions are never easy, but it sounds like you’ve made the right one. Best of luck on all new endeavors.

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