Red Clover Revival

red clover fairy

Image above: Painting of Red Clover Meadow Fairy in Flower Fairies Of The Countryside by Cicely Mary Barker, 1889. From (

Red clover (Trifolium pratense)

From Spring well into Summer, these beautiful, delicate flowers grace our presence.  Many different pollinators depend on her for nectar and sustenance.  She also makes a fabulous cover crop, green manure or no-maintenance alternative to a conventional grassy lawn.

She tastes delightful and is such a wonderful edible & medicinal.  Her blossoms are not only wonderful for teas & infusions, but are a nice addition to soups & salads. 

A mineral powerhouse, red clover is also well-known for her anti-cancerous properties.  One of my herb teachers liked to call it one of nature’s best multi-vitamins.  To get high vitamin and mineral content from this herbal ally, use her to make a nourishing infusion. 

Herbal elder Susan Weed is always teaching about the benefits of nourishing infusions and she demonstrates how to make them with nettles in this clip. You can also watch her talk about red clover’s anti-cancerous properties (especially hormone-sensitive cancers) in this clip.

She works gently on the liver aiding the body in detoxification, gently circulates the lymphatic fluids and helps to rebuild the blood.  She is a well-known to work within the body to bring balance to the hormones, boosting fertility and sexual energy.

Red clover is a phytoestrogen and works in a pretty amazing way to protect the body from toxic xenoestrogens that surround us in our environment. One of our favorite herbalists, Juliet Blankespoor has written several articles on this topic including, “The Ecology of Estrogen.”  We encourage you to read it and explore red clover blossoms more! 

Pick just the blossoms and dry them ~ try it warm, try it sweetened and iced ~ either way, sip & enjoy!


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