Pine Pollen POWER

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmale catkins on pine tree

Not too long ago, lots of people were grumbling about pine and its ubiquitous pollen here in the Deep South. There’s the usual allergies and then there’s the golden-yellow coating that was on every-single-thing outside.

I wasn’t complaining, though. Nope, not me.

I actually liked the fine film of golden dust…

And, I must admit that I’m in love. I mean look at the male catkins on this pine tree! Doesn’t it just glow with divine vibration and virility!?

Pine is an all around medicinal tree. I am in relationship with the tree for many reasons both personally and for my apothecary, Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary:

1 – We collect resin to make local incense
2 – We harvest propolis from our beehive for medicine; pine resin (and other tree resins) are a component of the immune boosting and anti-microbial properties of propolis (along with honey bee saliva and beeswax)
3 – We make poor man’s balsamic vinegar – ACV infused with pine needles (hello Vit C and minerals)
4 – winter pine needle tea (so yum! and again a great source of Vit C)
5 – I haven’t done this yet, but wild foodies prepare the inner bark of the pine for ‘pine chips’ or even ‘pine noodles’
6 – and finally, there’s pine pollen (which I’ll explain more below)

So, what about pine pollen? For the indigenous of the the Americas it was an endurance food for long journeys. And, now scientists have discovered that pine pollen has an androgenic hormone that is a precursor to testosterone ~ vavoom!

I mean, look at that picture! It just screams wholesome, good libido awesomeness!

“Stephen Buhner, herbalist and speaker for the earth, reports that pine pollen is exceedingly high in testosterone. Ingestion of the pollen itself, or the tincture of the pollen in dropperful doses, seems to gradually increase libido in those susceptible to its action.”

While collecting pollen, I had a flash of insight (which happens whenever you work with plants). I sense that pine pollen medicine works on the 2nd and 3rd chakras, especially in the male system. It harmonizes where there is imbalance and, from within, helps men express their sexuality in a wholesome and positive way.

I also think it is good for those recovering from internet porn with resulting impotence (or impotence in general due to shame or guilt around some sexual act).  Pine pollen gently works to bring about true virility and a mature expression of sexual function ~ one that honors himself and who he is in relationship with.

I sense this is a very beautiful medicine for men ~ a great ally for balancing sexual function, building energy and stamina, and letting the inner light shine through one’s creative work and efforts in this life.

I also do know of a handful of women who have used pine pollen tincture that they’ve bought from us at the apothecary.  They’ve used it generally for energy and endurance.  I find it especially useful for women in the midst of menopause, for a needed boost of energy.  Some women have asked me about its use if they have hypothyroidism.  I think it’s worth a try…  However, I think there are other herbs that would be better like Fucus (capsules) and black walnut for hypothyroidism and bugleweed or motherwort for hyperthyroidism…

To read more about pine, check out this post by herbal elder Susan Weed.  She titled the article, “Pine Keeps You Fine.”  (smile)

And, to order out Pine Pollen Tincture, go to our ordering page for more info.  Or, you can catch us at a farmer’s market in Jackson, Starkville or Oxford.


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