Standard Formulas and Preparations List

Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary
Standard Formulas and Preparations List

This is a list of our standard formulas and preparations that we carry at Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary.  We prepare these formulas seasonally.  So, please check the ordering page on our website for what is currently in stock.  Feel free to print this document and keep as a reference.

1 oz for $12 ~ 2 oz for $20 ~ 4 oz for $36

Immune System/Lymph/Lungs

Liver & Lymph Lovin’ Tincture — Spring Cleaning for the body!  All traditional cultures knew to move the lymphatic system in the spring to clear out any stagnation and to also gently cleanse and bolster the liver with herbs.  The result is an improved digestive and immune system.  This formula is also ideal to use after pharmaceutical use and any other taxation to the liver.  These plants are emollient, gentle diuretics; they are cooling and soothing to the body’s tissues:  cleaver, dandelion roots and leaves, purple dead nettle, yellow dock, and chickweed.

ImmunoBooster Tincture – Bolster your immune system with one of our powerhouse herbal formulas.  This formula will stimulate the immune system as well as increase macrophage scavenging activity.  Other herbs in this formula are powerful anti-viral herbs.  Only use this formula around the time of infection or possible infection:  spilanthes or echinacea, usnea, black walnut, poke or cleavers, prickly ash, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Elder-Sumac Immune Elixir ~ We’ve combined the amazing anti-viral properties of elder berries and flowers with the antiseptic properties of sumac berries for a an all-around cold & flu prevention formula.  The astringency of the sumac berries can help to deter and draw-out infection, while elder berries and flowers keep viral cells from multiplying.  One of our tastiest formulas:  elder berries, sumac berries, glycerine, elder flowers, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Flu and Fever Tincture – This formula will gently raise the body’s temperature (set point) to help you break fever as well as encourage sweating to release heat from the body as you fight the virus.  We formulated this preparation more for adults battling the flu, but you can lower the dosage and use it for children as well.  Packed with anti-viral activity, this is a potent herbal preparation that will also help you work through flu symptoms like aches and chills:  sweet gum balls, yarrow, vervain, st. john’s wort or japanese honeysuckle, boneset, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Respiratory Reboot Tincture – If your flus or colds tend to linger, leaving phlegm and a rattling cough behind in its wake, this formula is for you.  This formula is also good for seasonal and pet allergies.  Open up the passages in the lungs to help move phlegm up and out with this elegant herbal formula.  Likewise, this formula will strengthen the lung tissues allowing them to be more effective in their function:  plantain, pleurisy root or osha, reishi, propolis, goldenrod, and lobelia, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Nervine/CNS Integrity

Nighty Night Tincture – Allow this formula to nourish your nerves and still the mind.  We’ve combined sedative herbs with relaxing nervines for an all-around calming formula.  If bed-time is riddled with circular thoughts and agitation, this is the formula for you:  hops, passionflower, nettles, lemon balm, glycerin, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Tension Relief – This formula is great for knots, muscle-spasms, or general muscular tension.  This is especially good for back pain and lower back pain.  It can also be used for easing pain when recovering from a physical trauma of some kind which resulted in musculoskeletal discomfort.  Great for “hot-bodied” types, this is the perfect remedy for an over-stimulated system with accumulated tension:  wild lettuce, lemon balm, skullcap, pedicularis, black cohosh, and st. john’s wort in organic sugar cane alcohol.

Women’s Formulas

Menopause Tincture – For those women transitioning into the final stage of womanhood, we have crafted an herbal blend to lend you a hand as your hormones shift and your body adjusts.  This formula will help you handle hot flashes, it will nourish the kidneys and adrenals, and it will provide hormonal assistance with some very elegant herbal allies:  nettles, red clover, black cohosh, motherwort, vervain, holy basil and gotu kola.

After-birth tincture – After the baby is born, the uterus continues to spasm and blood continues to flow from the mother.  To lessen the spasms and the resulting blood flow, we have woven the following herbs together to gently and intentionally remind your body that the birthing is, indeed, over.  This formula could also be used to ease cramping during menstruation.  We have drawn on the wisdom of midwives to provide you a timeless combination of herbal allies:  black haw, squaw vine, yarrow, and motherwort.

Endocrine Tonic Tincture – Let the plant kingdom help you re-balance your endocrine system.  This formula is good for either progesterone or estrogen dominance or deficiency due to the herbs working on the pituitary and hypothalamus for hormonal balance.  We’ve also included herbs to gently work on liver health and function.  This formula should not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding mothers:  angelica, chaste tree, hawthorn, vervain, agrimony, licorice root, ashwagandha, and organic sugar cane alcohol.

Happy Uterus Tincture – This formula has been created to assist women with endometriosis, painful menstrual cramps, and other irregularities of the reproductive system due blood stagnation, stress and tension.  The herbs in this formula are tonifying to the uterus, aid the liver in processing hormones, provide gentle immune support, encourage proper menstrual blood flow and tissue release, and assist reproductive organ cells in eliminating waste and bringing in nourishment:  partridge berry, vervain, tulip poplar, agrimony, black cohosh, chickweed, and yarrow.

Women’s Restore – We’ve transformed our BLISS formula into this one.  We’ve added an adaptogenic herb to buffer stress and to support the body in maintaining balance.  The formula also has relaxing nervines for frazzled nerves and a nourishing nervine to bolster the nervous system.  This formula is particularly indicated for women with dry constitutions which can manifest as vaginal dryness, dry skin, and stiff joints.  This is an ideal formula for women at any stage of life:  shatavari, milky oats, mimosa, passionflower, and motherwort.

Iron Woman Syrup (4 oz, 8 oz) for $17, $30 – We’ve adapted a legendary recipe by herbal elder Rosemary Gladstar to build the blood.  This is a great formula for anemia, deficient blood, to prepare for birth, and after a great amount of blood-loss.  Let these deeply nourishing roots and leaves bring your body vigor and strength:  dandelion greens and roots, yellow dock root, butcher’s broom root, hawthorn berries, alfalfa, nettles, spirulina, molasses, black cherry concentrate, glycerine, spring water, and brandy.

Men’s Formulas

Pine Pollen Tincture – Pine pollen was traditionally used as a superfood by indigenous and traditional peoples wherever pine was present.  It is viewed as an endurance/stamina food and is also known to increase libido.  Pine pollen actually contains androgenic hormones (precursors to testosterone), therefore it is viewed mostly as a hormonal tonic for men.  However, menopausal women, who experience a decline in testosterone, also find it useful.  It is a tonic to the lungs, skin, digestive and sexual organs as well as an aphrodesiac, memory aid and stimulant.  We harvested fresh, local pollen at its peak production for you!

Prostate Health Tincture – Indeed, we’ve got a formula especially for men!  This herbal blend helps sooth any urinary discomfort while toning swollen prostate glands.  These herbal allies are all indicated for prostate health and will encourage proper function and ease inflammation and swelling:  nettle root, pine pollen, corn silk, eleuthero, and organic sugar cane alcohol.

Digestive Health

Total Tummy Tincture – It is rare to find an American with sound digestion.  Most of us have chronic inflammation.  If you tend to loose stools and diarrhea, this tincture is for you.  It is also good for digestive irritability due to emotional distress.  The herbal combination is both a nervine and cooling to the digestive tract.  It will gently tighten the tissues of the gut lining while soothing any inflammation.  This tincture is both a remedy for the tummy as much as it is for the heart and mind:  peach leaves and twigs, hawthorn leaves and twigs, privet leaves and twigs, holy basil, and rose petals.

Peppermint Spirits Plus – This delightful tincture is a favorite for those who experience intestinal cramps after meal-time.  If the mind and body are overworked, and there is a lot of constriction, this state of tension can definitely affect proper digestion.  Take this tasty glycerite tincture after meals to ease any abdominal discomfort.  This formula is a favorite for children as well:  peppermint tincture and holy basil, lemon balm, peppermint glcyerite.

Belly Beast and Yeast Tincture – We’ve combined our best herbs to remedy a yeast imbalance in the gut with effective herbs for dysbiosis (or imbalance of gut flora) as well as keeping pathogens at bay.  Take this tincture three times a day, between meals and take the following foods out of your diet for 21 days for better results:  sugar, alcohol, gluten (including corn), and dairy.  With awareness on the important role beneficial bacteria play in our ability to absorb and assimilate vital nutrients for our health and well-being, this tincture is a great ally for most digestive disorders:  black walnut, goldenrod or monarda, yellow dock, prickly ash, plantain, osage orange, and wood betony.

Misc Bitters Formulas –  Bitters formulas have been a staple in most cultures for hundreds of years.  Bitter herbs are known to stimulate bile secretion and peristalsis for proper digestion of foods, especially fats and proteins.  If you are suffering from sluggish digestion, flatulence, or impaired elimination ~ a bitters formula is just what you need!  Our blend of locally harvested herbs will help foods move through the system properly.  Simply take a dropper full of tincture 20-30 minutes before meal time.

Infant and Children’s Formulas

Fussy Baby Colic Glycerine Tincture – Our aromatic and tasty, plant-based glycerine tincture will calm and sooth the fussiest of babies.  We wouldn’t be surprised if you took a dropper-full as well!  Harvested from the bounty of our gardens, this one is sure to be a hit in your home:  catnip, fennel, chamomile, and lemon balm.

Other Formulas

Organ-system Overhaul Tincture – This herbal formula is formulated for a depleted system ~ namely, fatigue and exhaustion.  One of the herbs in this formula is schisandra, a commonly used tonic berry from Asia (the “five-taste” herb).  It is known to nourish the spleen and the kidneys which are store-houses of jing and chi (essence and energy).  Other herbs in the formula are ashwagandha root, goji berry, nettles, and licorice root (all deeply tonifying to the organs and vital tissues).

Parasite Cleanse Tincture – Herbal elder, Phyllis D Light of Northern Alabama teaches that a parasite cleanse used to be standard in the Deep South.  Because of its sub-tropical climate, parasite over-growths in the intestines can develop.  These parasites can begin to steal precious nutrients from the body in the small and large intestine.  We’ve formulated three powerful herbs to use as a regular, annual Spring or Fall cleansing practice.  There is debate about whether to take with or without meals.  We suggest taking it just before a meal:  wormwood, cloves, and black walnut.

Brain Power Tincture – Liven up your brain cells with plants by increasing nourishment and circulation to the brain.  Certain herbs in this formula will also protect brain cells and their function.  We’ve created this herbal formula for foggy minds needing some relief.  Along with dietary changes, this herbal formula will lift the fog, increase circulation, and help you focus on the tasks at hand.  This formula can also be used to heal the brain after head trauma, lessening swelling and protecting and regenerating brain cells:  jiaogulan, eleuthero, gotu kola, gingko, and rosemary.

Nourished Joints Tincture – The herbs in this formula were selected for their ability to nourish cartilage, tendons, and ligaments of the joints.  Some of them are well-known anti-inflammatories while others are lesser known and yet just as effective.  Certain herbs in this formula are known for their positive affect on arthritic conditions of the joints.  Lubricate and soothe those hard-working joints with this formula:  turmeric, true solomon’s seal, ginger, magnolia, bear’s foot, organic sugar cane alcohol.

UTI Formula – This formula can be used by men or women for *lower* urinary tract infections.  If you catch your UTI early with onset of symptoms like a burning sensation while urinating, this formula can help alleviate the pathogen while supporting your urinary tract holistically.  The herbs in this formula are strong anti-microbials with an affinity for the urinary tract.  Other herbs soothe the urinary tract and calm inflammation.  We advise using this formula while also drinking unsweetened, cranberry juice from concentrate.  If your infection has already traveled up to the kidneys and you feel sharp pain, PLEASE seek medical attention:  usnea, echinacea, goldenrod, cornsilk, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Heart’s Ease Tincture – While picking the hawthorn berries for this tincture in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains, we began conspiring a heart tonic for those dealing with heart ailments both emotional, energetic and physiological.  We blended those lovely hawthorn berries with some of our favorite heart health herbal allies.  We also blended in some nervines, and rounded the formula out with herbs that ground and root one’s energetic system.  This formula is also very useful for those with acute anxiety and for those who experience panic attacks.  Simply increase the dosage around the episode to help steward you through the situation:  hawthorn berry and flower, black cohosh, wood betony (stachys off), bugleweed, and organic sugar cane alcohol.

More Herbal Preparations
Powders, Salves, Infused Oils, etc

The Balm (First Aid Salve, 2 oz, 4 oz) for $12, $22 – This salve answers to all of your first aid needs!  It is power-packed green goodness straight from our gardens to help whatever ails the skin.  From bug bites & stings, to rashes, burn, cuts and everything in between ~ so many uses and so very effective!  This salve has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties.  It will also sooth the skin and help with skin-cell regeneration and speed wound healing as well as curb bleeding by thickening the blood.  That is why we call it “The Balm”:  comfrey, yarrow, plantain, nettles, rose leaves, organic EV olive oil, local beeswax, and lavender e.o.

Cold Sore Care Lip Balm (.50 oz) for $5 – We’ve blended some of the best herbal allies for cold sore season.  One herb remedies viruses carried in the nerves (herpex simplex) while the other two offer strong anti-viral properties.  Send your cold sore back into remission while giving your lips some glow:  st. john’s wort, self-heal, lemon balm, organic EV olive oil, peppermint e.o., local beeswax.

Anti-fungal Skin Salve (1 oz) for $8 ~ This anti-fungal skin salve is great for the fungus among-us.  Use topically on the skin or nail-beds to keep fungal infections at bay.  For athlete’s foot, use in conjunction with regular foot soaks in epsom salt (apply salve after you soak).  Also, great for yeast-based skin eruptions due to internal system imbalances and ringworm (can use on animals as well).  We suggest taking sugars and starches out of the diet if you have a yeast proliferation:  black walnut, cloves, pau d’arco, olive oil, local beeswax.

Joint and Sprain Care Salve (1.7 oz, 4 oz) for $12, $22 ~ Here’s our musculo-skeletal body balm people have been asking for!  Rub away aches and pains with this salve.  Further, this is great for sprain or other joint injuries.  Apply this topically a couple times a day to encourage circulation to the area, to calm inflammation, repair nerve damage, and to help mend the ligaments and tendons.  This formula is also good for rubbing on sore muscles:  goldenrod, comfrey root, comfrey leaf, st. john’s wort, cottonwood buds, organic EV olive olive, and peppermint e.o.

Poke Root Salve (4 oz) for $22 ~ This salve is absolutely wonderful for swollen lymph nodes or hardened lymph nodes.  Poke is known to move the lymph system, encouraging drainage and waste removal.  Simply rub topically on the swollen area and apply 1-3 times a day until swelling has subsided.  Also great for those with auto-immune or thyroid issues for extra immune support (rub on throat):  poke root, organic EV olive oil, and local beeswax.

Deep South Dreams Incense (3 pieces) for $10 — This beautiful incense is handmade from the abundance of the Mississippi forest.  Fill your home or office with the sweet, fragrant aromas of forest leaves, tree resins, ripe berries, and roses.  This incense should be burned on charcoal rounds ($4 for a pack of rounds) or on hot coals prepared in a fire.  A small piece (less than pea size) is all that you need to burn ~ a little goes a *long* way!

Mighty Mineral Vinegar (8 0z) for $15 — Take this herbal, mineral-rich vinegar to boost your magnesium and calcium levels, build strong bones, and introduce a host of  trace minerals to your body that only herbs can offer you!  The vinegar is raw apple cider vinegar which has amazing curative properties as well!  Mix with EV olive oil and toss into your salad or take it by the spoonful:  chickweed, dandelion, rosemary, red cedar, mugwort, oregano, garlic, and organic ACV.

Queen of Hungary Water (12 oz reused bottle) for $20 – This beautiful Gypsy creation is a must have for your cosmetic needs.  It’s most known for it’s astringent and toning properties for the face as well as its ability to keep acne at bay.  It can be used in a variety of cosmetic applications.  Our recipe includes a beautiful array of herbs to delight your skin: rose petals, orange peel, lavender, sage, rosemary, apple cider vinegar & rose water. Indulge your skin!

Bugs Be-gone Spray (4 oz) for $12 ~ The potent volatile oils of many plant allies are great pest and mosquito deterrents.  We’ve power packed cooling witch hazel with potent bugs be-gone plants:  yarrow, catnip, rosemary, beauty berry, witch hazel liniment, and essential oils of geranium and lavender.

Cheater Chai (4 oz) for $20 ~ We call this cheater chai as you don’t need to simmer your chai spices to taste the warmth and zing of Indian spices!  You simply take a spoonful of our cheater chai honey paste, put it into your mug, and pour hot milk or water over the honey paste…stir and enjoy!  Our cheater chai honey paste is rich in traditional chai spices (cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper) as well as potent Indian herbs (turmeric and ashwagandha).  Warm up with this chai as it starts to get cold outside.

Superfood Seasoning Spice (4 oz) for $15 ~ Our seasoning spice is packed with superfoods!  From inflammatory herbs such as turmeric to iodine-rich seaweed to liver-protecting milk thistle, this spice combination is sure to give your palette some play time.  Use in raw or cooked dishes and explore this culinary delight!:  nettles, basil, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, dandelion, milk thistle, spirulina, garlic, thyme, turmeric, cayenne, sea salt, burdock, and flax seed.

Cinnamint Remineralizing Tooth Powder (2 oz jar) for $10 – Another popular request at Sweet Gum!  Herbal elder Rosemary Gladstar teaches that clay was the original tooth paste and brushing our teeth with sweetened gunk is simply a strange, modern trend.  In fact, most all commercial brand toothpastes have a base of bentonite clay.  Remineralize with bentonite clay and horsetail, refresh and cleanse your mouth with cinnamon and peppermint, and let white oak bark tighten those gums.  A little goes a long way…  To learn more about remineralizing your teeth, please refer to Rami Nagel’s book Cure Tooth Decay.

Tea Blends

Nourish Bone Broth (3.35 oz) for $13 ~ Give your usual bone broth a boost with this nutrient-rich and immune supporting herbal blend.  You can use the broth by itself or add it to chicken or pork broth.  If you’ve never made a bone broth, I suggest you give it a try!  Only something goes comes from simmering things on the stove: calendula blossoms, nettle leaf, astragalus root, burdock root, shitake mushroom, chives, and seaweed.

AphrodiTea (3.25 oz) for $13 ~ Blended to honor the Greek goddess of love and compassion, this tea blend has berry and floral notes with a mild, earthy mint taste.  And as the name implies, this is *indeed* an aphrodesiac tea blend helping to nourish, relax, and enliven the body and mind:  elderberry, rosehips, damiana, alfalfa, lavender, nettles, hibiscus, fennel, and holy basil.

VitaliTea (3 oz) for $13 ~ Enliven the mind without the effects of caffeine with this herbal blend.  The peppermint-y pizzazz of this tea will help you relax and focus while nourishing your body and mind.  This is an apothecary classic that we’ve blended since day one:  peppermint, gingko, nettles, oatstraw, calendula, and eleuthero.

SereniTea (3 oz) for $13 ~ Cozy up with this herbal blend and unwind from the days events.  Nutrient-dense herbs infuse the blood with key nutrients for relaxation, namely magnesium and calcium while calming, floral notes expand the flavor.  A nourishing and nerve-supportive formula for the weary, you’ll want to add some honey and sip on this to easy body, mind and spirit:  nettles, oatstraw, rose, chamomile, lavender, and fennel.

Happy Trails Gut Tea (3.25 oz) for $13 ~ This soothing and cooling combination of herbs is sure to remedy the crankiest of guts.  We are experiencing an epidemic of irritated and inflamed digestive systems here in the US.  Herbs provide an effective (and tasty) way to decrease inflammation, tighten cell junctures in the intestinal lining, calm the nervous system, and provide easy-to-absorb nutrients:  linden, flax, marshmallow, oatstraw, rosehips, rose petals, red clover, and fennel seed.

Energizing Ease (3.5 oz) for $13 ~ This is another herbal tea blend to perk up the mind while soothing your nervous system; mints are the champions at relaxing your body while clearing up your mind.  A blend of plants from the mint family and a touch of green tea help ward off cloudy thinking.  Sip on this brew hot or cold:  peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary, sage, holy basil, nettles, and green tea.


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