November 1st Herbal Offerings!

chicoryAs the leaves begin to turn into colors of red, yellow, orange and brown ~ and the Harvest Full Moon has ripened and begun to wane ~ we begin to enter fully into Fall.  Energetically, nature begins to move its nutrients into its roots and part with anything extra or above ground that could take away from its ability to rest and restore in the Winter months.   Because the energy has fallen back into the roots, Fall is a good time to harvest roots to use in herbal preparations.

We as humans can take wise cues from nature.  We can part with anything that takes away from our ability to slow down as the cold begins to intensify and the forest turns into skeletal remains of Summer-time.  We can cut back on activities, friendships that are not wholesome, and habits that are not nurturing to our life energy.  We can part with what is not serving our highest good and use of energy.

Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary has planned for just the right preparations as we transition into Fall and Winter.  We have utilized herbs that are warming, herbs that can remind us of the glow of Summertime, and herbs that are nutritive, wholesome and beneficial.  Many of our preparations would be perfect gifts for the holiday season!  Our next batch of Superfood Seasoning have a red cap *just* for this reason.

(Pictured above:  chicory root, chicory flower, endive, chicory leaf)

Feel free to pre-order any items by following the directions on our ordering page.  You can also find our products at 122 N Jackson (at Main Street) at The Old House in Starkville, MS as well as some of our products at BTC Grocery in Water Valley, MS.  You can also find us at market on the dates listed on this page.

Here’s what we will have available by November 1st!

Dandy Chicory Chai (5 oz) for $16 ~ We’ve taken our favorite prebiotic roots (prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut) and warming spices, and have rounded the flavor out with roasted goodness.  This may just become your favorite Fall and Winter-time choice for something to sip on by the fire or wrapped up in a blanket on your porch swing.  The perfect drink to sit down with an old friend and catch up:  roasted dandelion root, roasted chicory root, cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon chips, ginger, and orange peel.

The Hippocratic Hoedown Oxymel (4 oz, 8 oz) for $14, $24 ~ When I let workshop students sip on this oxymel, many swooned with delight.  One student even wondered what it would be like carbonated!?  A curious thought that I wouldn’t have considered, myself (smile).  The bottom line is that not only is this herbal preparation a party in your mouth (aka hoedown), it also happens to be a great preparation for cold and flu season (this is where Hippocrates comes in as well as his love for honey and vinegar).  The herbs in this formula are a gentle tonic to the immune system, great for seasonal allergies, anti-microbial, anti-infective, aid the respiratory tract, aid the urinary tract, and warming to the system; we added some herbs purely for nutrition and mineral content as well.  Everything, like most of our preparations, is from our garden and neighboring forest:  goldenrod, red cedar, hibiscus, thyme, rosemary, gotu kola. nettles, organic apple cider vinegar, and local honey.

Joint and Sprain Care Salve (1.7 oz, 4 oz) for $12, $22 ~ Here’s our musculo-skeletal body balm people have been asking for!  Rub away aches and pains with this salve.  Further, this is great for sprain or other joint injuries.  Apply this topically a couple times a day to encourage circulation to the area, to calm inflammation, repair nerve damage, and to help mend the ligaments and tendons.  This formula is also good for rubbing on sore muscles:  goldenrod, comfrey root, comfrey leaf, st. john’s wort, cottonwood buds, organic olive olive, and cinnamon essential oil with a touch of orange.

Peppermint Spirits Plus (2 oz, 4 oz) for $20, $32 ~ This delightful tincture is a favorite for those who experience intestinal cramps after meal-time.  If the mind and body are overworked, and there is a lot of constriction, this can affect proper digestion.  Take this tasty glycerite tincture after meals to ease any abdominal discomfort.  A favorite for children as well:  peppermint tincture, holy basil, lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint glcyerite.

Bitters Elixir (2 oz, 4 oz) for $20, $32 ~ Bitters formulas have been a staple in most cultures for hundreds of years.  Bitter herbs are known to stimulate bile secretion and peristalsis for proper digestion of foods, especially fats and proteins.  They also increase enzyme production throughout the digestive system.  So, consider this before using hydrochloric acid tablets or enzyme supplements.  Bitters also has an interesting ability to encourage appetite for the feeble as well as curb appetite by slowing down the movement of food through the digestive system.  Our blend of mostly locally harvested herbs will help foods move through the system properly.  Simply take a dropper full of tincture 20-30 minutes before meal time.  Dandelion root, Dandelion greens, Burdock root, Yellow dock root, Artichoke leaf, Cardamom pods, Orange peel, Cloves, Ginger, organic sugar cane alcohol ~ sweetened with local honey.

Brain Power Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 ~ Liven up your brain cells with plants by increasing nourishment and circulation to the brain.  We’ve created this herbal formula for foggy minds needing some relief.  Along with dietary changes, this herbal formula will lift the fog, increase circulation, and help you focus on the tasks at hand:  jiaogulan, eleuthero, gotu kola, gingko, and rosemary.

Winter Kiss Lip Balm (.5 oz) for $5 ~ Sooth the driest lips with our deeply hydrating and healing lip balm.  Offered in a sliding tin, this lip balm will become indispensable during the cold, dry weather of Winter:  cottonwood buds, st. john’s wort, lemon balm, self-heal, organic olive oil, and beeswax.

Superfood Seasoning Spice (4 oz) for $15 (for locals, refill $10) ~ Our seasoning spice is packed with superfoods!  From inflammatory herbs such as turmeric to iodine-rich seaweed to liver-protecting milk thistle, this spice combination is sure to give your palette some play time.  While you can use it to cook with, it’s best topped on your meal after you have cooked it.  Or, toss the spice onto raw items like salad.  Nettles, Basil, Hemp Protein, Sesame Seeds, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Spirulina, Burdock, Garlic Powder, Thyme, Turmeric, Pepper, Cayenne, Sea Salt, Flax Seed.

Belly Beast and Yeast Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 ~ We’ve combined our best herbs to remedy a yeast imbalance in the gut with effective herbs for dysbiosis (or imbalance of gut flora) as well as keeping pathogens at bay.  Take this tincture three times a day, between meals and take the following seven foods out of your diet for 21 days for better results:  sugar, alcohol, gluten (including corn), soy, dairy, peanuts, and eggs.  With awareness on the important role beneficial bacteria play in our ability to absorb and assimilate vital nutrients for our health and well-being, this tincture is a great ally for most digestive disorders:  black walnut, vervain, monarda, yellow dock, prickly ash, and evening primrose.

Flower Flashback Tea (1.5 oz) for $13 ~ Sip on this luxuriously floral tea to remember blossoming Summer.  Can sunlight stay preserved in petals?  And why not?  When the days get shorter and the nights longer, pour some sunshine into your cup and watch your mood lighten up and your immune system begin to buzz like a honey bee:  chamomile, chrysanthemum, calendula, rose, damiana, rose hips, lavender, red clover blossoms, lemon balm and lime leaf.


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