Power Plant Trio

power plant trio final mockIt all started as a casual day at the local Saturday Market.  Mandi and I were setting up our tent in the early morning hours when a VW camper van rumbled up behind us.  Out pops a young woman with a feather in her cap and some crafty loot to share.

Her name turned out to be Lorrin Webb (Wanderite) and she was to demo that day at market on how to screen-print.  Mandi and I instantly fell in love with her artwork and each bought a tank from her.  She loves crystals, we love plants ~ enough said, right?

Well, we got to talking and mentioned that we had been thinking of having a shirt made for our apothecary.  The conversation naturally morphed into possibility of her making shirts for us.  We were to pick out three “power plants” that would represent the energy and intentions of our apothecary.  She was to craft these plants into some mutual artful dance that she could print onto shirts.

And that was that.

Mandi and I were instantly drawn to hawthorn and passionflower.  Actually, those two plants were my first herbal allies and were given to me as a tincture to help with severe heart palpitations and anxiety.  Of course, I am indebted to these plants because they were the beginning of a beautiful and powerful recovery from a deep health crisis.  Hawthorn stands for LOVE and passionflower stands for WONDER.

Then we chose borage because the flower essence is traditionally used to emotionally impart courage to those who need it.  So, borage stands for COURAGE ~ that little lion of a blue flower (smile).

So there you have it:


We are pretty much sold out of our first printing.  However, we do plant to print again and shirts will be available at The Old House in Starkville or on our website.  We also plan to do a print for men and for children.  Stay tuned for more Mississippi magic!


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