September 22nd Herbal Offerings!

elderberry syrupThe elder bushes are finally going to fruit and the goldenrod is brilliant yellow and waving ‘good-bye’ to the last bit of Summer.  Mandi and I are well aware that with the seasonal shift, colds and other mild sicknesses surface.  We also know that cold and flu season is on its way!

Our challenge to you is to stay attuned to your body and to bring in the right herbal allies when you need them!  I personally (this is Lindsay speaking) have not takien a flu shot or any over-the-counter or pharmaceutical medicines for about 8 years.  I have gotten the flu about 3-4 times in that span of time.  Why is that?  I’ve learned how to read the signals of my body and respond accordingly.

Of course, DO seek medical attention if the fever gets too high.  And, DO seek medical attention if you doubt your ability to navigate a situation for yourself or your family.  That’s what the medical staff is there for!  BUT, if you can address the symptoms as they arise, and intercept the intensifying severity of the health issue, then, by all means, DO SO!  You’ll probably learn something along the way and increase your self-confidence in handling these situations.

Feel free to pre-order any item by following the directions on our ordering page.  You can now find the products listed on our ordering page at 122 N Jackson (at Main Street), in our new physical address at “The Old House.”  You will find the products listed here around September 22nd.

Tension Taming Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 ~ If you have a knot, a muscle-spasm, or simply a lot of tension in your body — this tincture is for you!  This is especially good for back pain.  This formula is also for “hot-bodied” types that could use a little cooling down:  wild lettuce, lemon balm, skullcap, nettles, and st. john’s wort in organic sugar cane alcohol.

Cold Sore Care Lip Balm (.50 oz) for $5 – We’ve blended some of the best herbal allies for cold sore season.  One herb remedies viruses carried in the nerves (herpex simplex) while the other two offer strong anti-viral properties.  Send your cold sore back into remission while giving your lips some glow:  st. john’s wort, self-heal, lemon balm, organic olive oil, cypress essential oil, local beeswax.

Elderberry Elixir Plus (2 oz, 4 oz) for $18, $30 – Widely known in Europe for its outstanding ability to combat various strains of viruses, elderberry is a must-have in the house-hold first aid kit.  We’ve blended the berries and the flowers of elderberry with echinacea and lemon balm to make this effective herbal preparation for cold and flu season (also contains vegetable glycerin).

Flu and Fever Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 – This formula will gently raise the body’s temperature to help you break the fever as well as encourage sweating to release the heat from the body.  We formulated this one more for adults battling the flu.  This formula also has an herb that has shakimic acid which is a plant-based constituent used to make Tamiflu.  This is a potent herbal preparation that would only need to be dispensed in low doses as flu symptoms arise:  sweet gum balls, catnip, yarrow, elderflower, boneset, glycerin, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Immunobooster Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 – Back by popular demand, we’ve tweaked our formula to include some recent herbs that have come into season.  Many of the herbs in this formula stimulate the immune system, so this should only be used around the time of infection:  echinacea, usnea, vervain, and black walnut, cleavers, propolis, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Flu and Cold Season Tea (1.5 oz) for $13 – A special blend of diaphoretic (sweat-inducing) and immune system supporting herbs to help you during flu season.  It tastes delightful with the mint undertones and is great sweetened with a little honey:  goldenrod, yarrow, forsythia fruit and peppermint.

Privet-sage Tincture (1 oz) for $12 – This formula (graciously taught to me by an amazing Southern herbalist) is the perfect ally for flu symptoms that start in the throat (throat irritation).  We suggest mixing 1 teaspoon of this formula (or one dropper full) in a small glass of water with a touch of honey:  sage, privet, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Respiratory Reboot Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 – If your flu or cold lingers, leaving phlegm and a rattling cough behind in its wake, this formula is for you.  This formula is also good for seasonal and pet allergies.  Open up the passages in the lungs to help them move phlegm up and out with this elegant herbal formula while strengthening the function of the tissues of the lungs:  elecampane, plantain, goldenrod, reishi, cottonwood buds organic sugar cane alcohol.

Nighty Night Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 – Allow this formula to nourish your nerves and still the mind.  If bed-time is riddled with circular thoughts, this is the formula for you:  passionflower, skullcap, milky oats, nettles, glycerin, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Organ-system Overhaul Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz) for $12, $20, $32 ~ This herbal formula is formulated for a depleted system ~ namely, fatigue and exhaustion.  One of the herbs in this formula is schisandra, a commonly used tonic berry from Asia (the “five-taste” herb).  It is known to nourish the spleen and the kidneys which are store-houses of jing and chi (essence and energy).  Other herbs in the formula are ashwagandha root and licorice root (all deeply tonifying to the organs and vital tissues).

Ear Infection Oil Drops (.5 oz) for $7 – A few drops of this herbal oil (preferably warmed) into the ear will help clear up infection.  Organic olive oil is infused with brilliant, yellow mullein flowers that serve as an analgesic to calm pain while the garlic fights infection:  mullein, garlic, organic olive oil.

Herbal Chest Rub (1.7 oz) for $10 – This warming decongestant chest rub is a great addition to your family medicine cabinet.  Rub onto the chest area, back, and bottoms of feet to relieve congestion, open the airways, and battle the cold.  Sold in a repurposed Altoids container:  local eucalyptus, red clover, thyme, coconut oil, and peppermint essential oil.

Total Tummy Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz) for $12, $20, $32 ~ Another gut-related tincture.  It is rare to find an American with sound digestion.  Most of us have chronic inflammation.  If you tend to have loose stools and diarrhea, this tincture is for you.  It is also good for digestive irritability due to emotional distress.  The herbal combination is both a nervine and cooling to the digestive tract.  It will gently tighten the tissues of the gut lining while soothing any inflammation.  This tincture is both a remedy for the tummy as much as it is for the heart and mind.  Peach leaves and twigs, Hawthorn leaves and twigs, Privet leaves and twigs, Kapoor holy basil, Rose petals, organic sugar cane alcohol.

Anti-fungal Skin Salve (1 oz) for $8 ~ This anti-fungal skin salve is great for the fungus among-us.  Use topically on the skin or nail-beds to keep fungal infections at bay.  For athlete’s foot, use in conjunction with regular foot soaks in epsom salt (apply salve after you soak).  Also, great for yeast-based skin eruptions due to internal system imbalances and ringworm (can use on animals as well).  We suggest taking sugars and starches out of the diet if you have a yeast proliferation:  black walnut, cloves, pau d’arco, olive oil, local beeswax.


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