Secrets of Nourishing Weeds

Intentions Wild Walk and Garden 010Hello there fellow Sweet Gum community…  I just wanted to share with you an hour-long presentation that Mandi & I gave this past February (2013).  Basically, someone contacted us from Mississippi State University (MSU) to give a lunch-time “QuickBites” presentation on plant goodness.

So here it is!  To the left is pictured on of the celebrities of our presentation.  Or should I say CELLebrity as this plant provides so much nourishment for our cells!  We also talk about dandelion, plantain, and yarrow (and mention some others).  Many of these herbs arrive in early Spring to help us restore our body from the Winter funk.  And, quite a few of these herbs start reappearing in the Fall as the temperature cools down.

We hope that this clip encourages people to not kill their weeds with toxic Roundup and other herbicides.  Instead, dig them up or clip them back to eat or drink them!  Many, if not all of these weeds, are common tonic and therapeutic herbs that have been used in Europe and Asia for centuries.

So buckle up, and sit tight for this lovely lil’ QuickBite.


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