June 20th Herbal Offerings!

feverfew mandi gardenJune 20th Herbal Offerings!

Summer is just around the corner and we have many herbal products to help you beat the heat ~ from deodorant to bug spray to even some cooling bitters for the belly.  Dive in and arm yourself herbally!  And, please feel free to share this link in your network ~ thanks!

*all tinctures listed below are tinctured in organic sugar cane alcohol

SOLD OUT Sunscreen (2 oz) for $15 ~ Rich with whole plant-based butters and oils to nourish and protect the skin from UV radiation.  Sold in a twist up container for your convenience.  Wheat germ oil, org shea butter, Vit E, org coconut oil, local beeswax, cocoa butter, zinc oxide.  It is 30 SPF.

SOLD OUT Bugs Be-gone Spray (4 0z) for $12 ~ The potent volatile oils of many plant allies are great pest and mosquito deterrents.  We’ve power packed cooling witch hazel with potent bug be-gone plants ~ yarrow, catnip, geranium, lavender, and lemon eucalyptus.  Sold in an blue spray bottle.

SOLD OUT Pine Pollen Tincture (1 oz) for $12 ~ Pine pollen was traditionally used as a superfood by indigenous and traditional peoples wherever pine was present.  It is viewed as an endurance/stamina food.  Pine pollen actually contains certain male hormones, therefore it is viewed mostly as a hormonal tonic for men.  It is a tonic to the lungs, skin, digestive and sexual organs; and it is an aphrodesiac, memory aid and stimulant.  We harvested fresh, local pollen at its peak production for you!

SOLD OUT Travel-size Deodorant (.5 oz) for $4 ~ Deodorants from the drugstore are riddled with aluminum, synthetic ingredients, and a host of other substances that are absorbed into the skin and into the body.  Many of them are known endocrine disruptors while others are simply toxic.  Sweet Gum has formulated a deodorant blend that will not only deodorize, it will also be kind to your body.  *Very* lightly scented with lavender essential oil.

Superfood Seasoning Spice (4 oz) for $15 ~ Our seasoning spice is packed with superfoods!  From inflammatory herbs such as turmeric to iodine-rich seaweed to liver-protecting milk thistle, this spice combination is sure to give your palette some play time.  While you can use it to cook with, it’s best topped on your meal after you have cooked it.  Or, toss the spice onto raw items like salad.  Nettles, Basil, Hemp Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Spirulina, Garlic Powder, Thyme, Turmeric, Pepper, Cayenne, Sea Salt, Flax Seed.

Superfood Popcorn Sprinkles (4 oz) for $10 ~  Looking for yet another way to get superfoods and nutrient-dense herbs into your body and into your family?  Our Superfood Popcorn Sprinkles are the perfect way to be a sneaky chef! Packed with B vitamins, nutrient-dense herbs like nettles and rich green seaweeds, these sprinkles are definitely kid-tested and mother-approved!  Great to spice up your homemade popcorn and they can also be used for soups and salads.  Extremely versatile and delicious…power-up your popcorn with these nutritious sprinkles! Nutritional Yeast, Nettles, Seaweed, Spirulina, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sea Salt.

Headache Help Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 ~ Headaches come in many forms ~ sinus, tension, migraines…  We’ve formulated a beautiful tincture to prevent them and/or to stop them in their tracks.  We’ve combined feverfew, lavender, lemon balm and eleuthero in an organic alcohol-based tincture for maximum potency.  Lavender and lemon balm soothe the nerve endings; eleuthero enhances mental performance and is an adaptogenic herb; feverfew is renowned for it’s ability to eliminate headaches, specifically migraines when used preventatively as a tonic.  Those with chronic headaches/migraines would most benefit from taking our tincture twice daily for 3 months.  At the onset of a headache, take a dropper-full of the tincture in 4 oz of water every 1-2 hours as needed.

SOLD OUT Nourishing Infusion (4 oz dried herbs) for $13 ~  All of our nutrient-rich herbal tea infusions have been a hit and we will continue to blend up these delightful teas!  These will vary from time to time depending on the availability of our seasonal herbs.  You can order SereniTea with calming and relaxing properties, VitaliTea with herbal energizing and brain awakening herbs or our Nutrient Tea with a focus on herbs packed with vitamins & minerals.  Heck!  We may just pull a wild card and blend something not even listed here…stay tuned and let us know if you have any requests!

SOLD OUT Bitters Elixir (2 oz, 4 0z) $20, $32 ~  Bitters formulas have been a staple in most cultures for hundreds of years.  Bitter herbs are known to stimulate bile secretion and peristalsis for proper digestion of foods, especially proteins.  If you are suffering from sluggish digestion, flatulence, or impaired elimination ~ a bitters formula is just what you need!  Our blend of locally harvested herbs will help foods move through the system properly.  Simply take a dropper full of tincture 20-30 minutes before meal time.  Dandelion root, Dandelion greens, Yellow dock root, Artichoke leaf, Cardamom pods, Orange peel, Chickweed, Purple Dead Nettle, and Cleavers ~ sweetened with local honey.

SOLD OUT Organ-system Overhaul Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 ~ This herbal formula is formulated for a depleted system ~ namely, fatigue and exhaustion.  One of the herbs in this formula are schisandra berries, a commonly used tonic berry from Asia (the “five-taste” herb).  It is known to nourish the spleen and the kidneys which are store-houses of jing and chi (essence and energy).  Other herbs in the formula are goji berries, ashwagandha root, and licorice root (all deeply tonifying to the organs and vital tissues).

SOLD OUT Total Tummy Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) for $12, $20 ~ Another gut-related tincture.  It is rare to find an American with sound digestion.  Most of us have chronic inflammation.  If you tend to loose stools and diarrhea, this tincture is for you.  It is also good for digestive irritability due to emotional distress.  The herbal combination is both a nervine and cooling to the digestive tract.  It will gently tighten the tissues of the gut lining while soothing any inflammation.  This tincture is both a remedy for the tummy as much as it is for the heart and mind.  Peach leaves and twigs, Hawthorn leaves and twigs, Privet leaves and twigs, and Rose petals.  


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