March 20th Herbal Offerings!

sweetgumspringMarch 20th Herbal Offerings (sold out items are marked)

Here are the items we have left from our March 20th offerings!  Some of these we only have one or two left.  

SOLD OUT Mighty Mineral Vinegar (8 0z)
– $15 — Take this herbal, mineral-rich vinegar to boost your calcium intake, build strong bones, and introduce a host of  trace minerals to your body that only herbs can offer you!  The vinegar is raw apple cider vinegar which has amazing curative properties as well!  Mix with EV olive oil and toss into your salad or take it by the spoonful!

SOLD OUT Deep South Dreams Incense (3 pieces) – $10 — This beautiful incense is handmade from the abundance of the Mississippi forest.  Fill your home or office with the sweet, fragrant aromas of forest leaves, ripe berries, and roses.  This incense should be burned on charcoal rounds ($5 for a pack of rounds) or on hot coals prepared in a fire.  A small piece (less than pea size) is all that you need to burn ~ a little goes a *long* way!

SOLD OUT Herbal Citrus Cleaner Concentrate (12 oz) – $7 — A power-packed, all-purpose cleaner for surfaces and glass.  The herbs and citrus serve as a disinfectant, pest deterrent, and aromatic.  You can add this concentrate to an empty spray bottle and dilute 1:6 with water.

SOLD OUT Spring Liver and Lymph Lovin’ Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) – $12, $20 — Spring Cleaning for the body!  All traditional cultures knew to move the lymphs in the Spring to clear out any stagnation and to gently cleanse and bolster the liver.  We have combined five of our favorite Spring herbs for you to do just this!  Start your year off with an herbal boost!

SOLD OUT Bee Beauty Breast Balm (4 0z) – $22 — A special formulation of herbs in organic, EV olive oil and local beeswax for lumpy, painful or fibrocystic breasts.  This recipe draws on the old folk traditions of the European ancestors.  This balm is also a great scar and wound healer.

SOLD OUT Tension Relief Massage Oil (4 oz) – $18 — A great massage oil for the professional and for home use.  We have infused almond oil with herbs to bring circulation to the area being worked on and to relieve tension.  Great for the neck and shoulders, and great for joint pain as well!

SOLD OUT Cheater Chai Honey (4 oz) – $16 — A combination of spices and herbs to rejuvenate and restore the body.  This honey paste is great for digestion as well!  Add a spoonful to warmed milk or water and enjoy!

SOLD OUT Allergy Relief Herbal Tisane Blend (4 0z dried herbs) – $13 — As the flowers begin to open, some of us have sensitivities to their Spring blossoming!  This tea has been formulated to help you weather allergy season with some grace (and good taste!).  Even if you don’t have allergies, this is a great Spring tonic tea mix that anyone can enjoy.

SOLD OUT Vitality Herbal Truffles (7) – $9 — Need a more energy?  Purchase our vitality balls — packed with herbs, powders, spices, and superfoods.  A great snack and a great way to start your day!

SOLD OUT Rosehip, Elderberry Jelly (8 oz) – $8 — Try our herb infused jelly for a alternative to standard jams.  Add it to your favorite shortbread cookies or top off a piece of buttered toast.  We won’t be surprised when you feel the urge to sneak a spoonful while sipping on your favorite tea!


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