Inhaling the forest

preparing incensePreparing our forest incense

Today we took a dive into the senses with dried berries, rose petals, locally harvested resin and conifer bows…all to prepare our mood-lifting, mind-clearing, soothing forest incense.  This incense will allow you to bring a bit of the forest into your home anytime you wish!

In Japan they’ve come up with a technique that I would call “a walk in the forest,” but they call it “Shinron-Yoku” or “forest bathing.”  Studies have shown that:

“Key to the experience is the inhalation of wood essential oils, similar to natural aromatherapy, but visual, auditory, and other sensory stimuli are also important.

The result? A host of health benefits, including a boosted immune system, an increase in cancer-battling proteins, and improved blood pressure, among others. Studies have also found psychological benefits, with forest bathers seeing significant increases in positive feelings and decreases in negative feelings.”

We’ve made this forest incense to bring the forest to you no matter where you are.  Yes, please DO go walk in the forest, though.  However, when you’re stuck and home or in the office for a day, burn our incense to elevate your mood and make your heart happy!

Find out more about ordering, here.


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