Product Spotlight: Liver & Lymph Lovin’ Tincture

liverloveBeginning March 20th, Sweet Gum plans to roll out our first offerings of the year, just in time for Spring!  With the Spring energy rising up from the earth, think to yourself that’s its time to put another ring on your personal *tree* of health this time of year.

There are a few things to consider as we enter the Springs months.  First of all, in the temperate regions of the world, our energy is a bit more stagnant during the Winter months.  We slow down and the temperature drops and we become more insular.  Ideally, we spend more time in contemplation and in doing less things.

When we enter the Spring months, we have renewed energy.  However, we still need to shake off the Winter cold and heaviness.  The old timers in Appalachia do this with a sassafras root tonic or a poke-leaf salad.  In Old Europe, dandelion wine would be made with the blossoms and dandelion greens would be thrown into prepared dishes to support and cleanse the liver.  There are actually traditions all around the temperate world that prepare the body for Spring.  Basically, these many diverse cultures knew to move the lymphatic system and to cleanse the liver at this time of year.

Further, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spring is liver season.  It’s when we enter a new stage of growth and renewed energy.  If we weren’t able to rest in the Winter months, we will get sick in the Spring.  We will also experience anger, resentment and frustration because energy is being blocked my stagnation in this particular organ system.

At Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary, we’ve formulated a Liver and Lymph Lovin’ Tincture to help you step into Spring with the support you need!  Many of the herbs in our formula are alteratives, meaning they are known to purify the blood by promoting the cleansing and tonifying of liver, spleen, kidneys, and bowels.  These herbs are normally used over a long period of time to gradually detoxify the bloodstream (or assist the previously named organs in this function and, in turn, improve digestion, assimilation, and glandular secretions.

Please find out more about this product on our ordering page!  What is a tincture?  It is a concentration of a particular herb or herbs in a high-proof alcohol (for preservation).  You would simply place a dropper-full of the solution into water and drink it one to three times a day.

Some other things you can do to support your liver:  drink kombucha, drink beet kvass, take sugar out of your diet, take chemicals and pesticides out of your diet, and take whole wheat out of your diet.

We plan to provide you with all kinds of herbal preparations for the home and for your personal health.  Our intention is to make preparations that are attuned to the particular seasonal cycle we are in to help you maintain balance and well-being.


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