HERBiculture: a community effort

It takes a village…

Mandi and I (Lindsay) are really pleased with the small groundswell we already feel beneath our feet as Sweet Gum Springs *springs* into life.  And, we know that we can’t do this alone.  Believe me, we have the love of plants, our herbal knowledge, and our medicine-making keenness…but we need some community support to get us moving forward.

We have about $600 raised to start-up our business and we need $900 more to reach our goal by February 20th!  And, beyond funds, people in the community are rallying us forward with encouraging words and heartfelt wishes!  Thank you for everything!

So far, people have been either donating funds (all the way from India and Thailand too!) while some others have been prepay pledging.  What is that?  Well, basically, you “prepay pledge” a certain amount of money to our business now and use your $$ later.  Similar to the concept of Crowdsource Funding, which is a new way to raise revenue for exciting new projects and ventures, Mandi and I will use these funds to handle start-up costs.  And, you can use your prepay pledge $’s — $ for $ — for our in-store products.  Our first products will be ready March 20th!

To shake things up a bit more, we’ve started a contest that will go to until midnight Wednesday, February 20th.  All of those who either donate or pledge will be entered into a raffle to win a goodie bag of Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary surprises!

How do you enter the raffle?  Just go to our ordering page to find out more.  Good luck and please help us spread the word!  Also, to stay tuned to updates, please “like” our Facebook page.

Oh yes, what is HERBiculture?  That’s a word Mandi came up with.  HERBiculture is the renewal of a culture that is aware of the proper uses and healing properties of plants.  It’s a culture that involves plants and herbs into it’s daily life.  It’s a child that knows how to make a plantain ‘green bandaid’ or a grandmother that takes a mineral rich vinegar everyday.  It’s an awareness that grows the more we grow our health with plants and herbs.

Mandi and I wish to play a vital role in planting the seeds for HERBiculture renewal in Mississippi!  And, you can play a vital role by chipping in, sharing, telling your friends and family, and by planting your own herb garden.

Thank you for your support!


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