All the thyme

thymeCreeping thyme…

You might not have all the thyme in the world to grow and prepare all your own herbal concoctions.  That’s where we come in at Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary.  You pay us to focus our “thyme” and energy so that we can bring you the best plants have to offer.  What do they have to offer?, you may ask.

The answer is simple.  Plants offer you nourishment and medicine to keep your body, mind and spirit in balance.  Plants and herbs are vitally important for everyday health and wellness.  As one health practitioner I knew in San Francisco would say, “eat 5% wild foods everyday to maintain optimal health.”

In our first blog post, I thought I’d offer you some of my favorite sources for herbal inspiration.  Some of these people, you may have heard of!

Click here to learn about the grandmother of American herbal medicine, Rosemary Gladstar.

And, sign-up here for herbal elder, Susan Weed’s free, weekly newsletter on wild foods and herbs.

Finally, for those of you that wish to learn from an herbalist, midwife and doctor, please tune into Aviva Romm’s blog here.

There are so many amazing people helping us absorb plant goodness and wild food ways back into our cultural heritage!  Who are your favorites?


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